A number of Hollywood blockbusters scheduled for release next year may be delayed

 A number of Hollywood blockbusters scheduled for release next year may be delayed

Moreover, to return to work must be approved by the local government. Some sources believe that some of these Hollywood blockbusters may return to work earlier in the United States, while those outside the United States are more difficult to say. And how to deal with the disrupted schedule is a big problem when returning to work in the future, especially for busy individuals. Some film companies are already investigating the replacement of actors.

According to the report, matrix 4, which was just to be filmed from San Francisco to Berlin, Batman, which has been filmed in London for seven weeks, and red wanted, which was starred by Gail gado, Jushi Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, was filmed in Atlanta for two months. For the films, the report said: there is a slim chance that they will keep their original schedule, but they are more likely to delay their release. It was also mentioned that the production of mission impossible 7 was also greatly affected, saying that a considerable part of the film was originally intended to be shot in Italy, and the Italian epidemic caused great difficulties to the future shooting plan. Shangqi and the legend of Ten Commandments was also mentioned in the list of films that did not know when to return to work.

Some of the films in the pre production are in suspension, some are in remote pre production, such as mysterious sea area and Peter Pan and Wendy are in suspension, and the start time will be determined on a certain date. The largest production of strange doctor 2 is still planned to start shooting in June according to the original plan, and is in the early stage of remote production.

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