Can you drink during weight loss? It depends on how you drink!

 Can you drink during weight loss? It depends on how you drink!

Lemon squash

Boiled water is very light, but with a slice of lemon, it will have a fragrant and fresh feeling. Lemon is low in calories, almost zero in fat, and has antioxidants, which can delay aging. So drinking lemonade will not make you fat, but also whitening, promoting metabolism.

Lemon tea in the market and restaurant usually has a lot of sugar. It is recommended to drink it very much. But now there are also signs of Low Sugar Lemon Tea on the market, pay attention to the signs when buying.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural diet drink. Green tea has antioxidant molecules, which can dissolve fat, eliminate oil molecules in the body, and bring them out of the body quickly. The unique ingredients of green tea can also promote the secretion of gastric juice, so that you can digest food faster and decompose fat.

Green tea is not hot in summer. You can try cold tea, that is, cold tea. It takes a long time to make tea in this way, but there is another fragrance. Its different from the flavor of hot tea. Try it.

As for the green tea drinks on the market, the best choice is sugar free. As for the green tea drink with high sugar content, it is not conducive to weight loss, and there is no fragrance of green tea.

Fresh Juice

There are some glass bottles of compressed juice on the market, but the taste is slightly bitter, which is not acceptable to many people. So fresh juice is a better choice. The fresh juice is usually not added, which is very healthy. Fresh juice can be self-made or purchased in the shop.

For people who lose weight, the less sugar in fresh juice, the better. But without sugar, the juice will be sour and unfriendly. Add a small amount of sugar to make the fresh juice more delicious. But dont overdo it.

Fruit tea is still very popular on the market. There is always a so and so tea shop on the street, and these shops must have fruit tea. Those who want to drink fruit tea drinks should remember to have less sugar.

Sugar free carbonated beverage

Whether its Pepsi or Coca Cola, their carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar. A can of coke contains nine cubes of sugar. As a result, they are criticized and often accused.

Tea flavored beverage

Tea flavored drinks should be the most sincere among sugar free drinks. Besides water, tea and a very small amount of sodium are all zero ingredients. Most of the sugar free tea drinks are Japanese brands.