Tesla said two home workers recovered well from the new coronavirus infection

 Tesla said two home workers recovered well from the new coronavirus infection

Shelby said in an email that the two employees had no symptoms of infection while working in the office and were now isolated at home and recovering well. At the same time, their colleagues have been working at home for nearly two weeks, and these people have been informed for self isolation and symptom observation. Shelby did not disclose the location or function of the employees.

In the two cases of infection, based on measures we took earlier this month, including minimizing on-site staff and maintaining a safe distance, the probability of transmission through personal interaction is very low, the email also said

The e-mail heightened concerns of several Tesla employees interviewed as they weighed the options of going to work, applying for paid or unpaid leave, and staying at home. Tesla employs more than 48000 people in its U.S. headquarters, factories, sales and service centers, and distribution centers. Although some employees can work from home, the companys distribution and service center still needs employees to maintain operations.

A few days ago, the Alameda Countys local asylum order came into effect. Tesla suspended production at its Fremont plant in California from March 23, but employees supporting Teslas charging infrastructure and the companys so-called vehicle and energy services business still had to go to work. The plant normally employs more than 10000 employees.

Tesla also suspended operations at its plant in Buffalo, New York, except for parts and supplies for services, infrastructure and critical supply chains.. Elon Musk, Teslas chief executive, said on Wednesday he plans to reopen the buffalo plant to produce breathing machines.

The novel coronavirus SpaceX reported two days ago, and at least two new coronavirus infections were reported in Shelby, and more employees were isolated. Tesla is making hand sanitizers in-house and taking other steps to protect nervous employees.

Valerie workman, Teslas director of human resources, said in an email earlier that if employees are unable or unwilling to come to work, they can apply for paid leave or apply for unpaid leave after exhausting paid leave. She promised that employees would not be punished for this and would not be subject to attendance discipline because of their health or inability to come to work. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report