After closing the factory, some Tesla workers still have to go to work to finish the automobile production

 After closing the factory, some Tesla workers still have to go to work to finish the automobile production

The e-mail showed that novel coronavirus confirmed cases were found in office staff on Teslas certificate on Thursday, two. In addition, e-mails showed that Tesla also made its first layoffs during the outbreak, temporarily sacking some of its employees in Norway.

The email sent to the factory staff before the production stop is mainly to inform the relevant close out task workers that they must continue to carry out the quality inspection, repair, charging of automobile products, and prepare for the delivery of automobiles. The employee was asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

A spokesman for the local police said they conducted an unannounced inspection of Tesla on Wednesday and found that the current operation level of the plant was in line with relevant regulations. Their car assembly line has been shut down and there are only a few employees in the factory. They were trying to keep as close as possible to each other, a police spokesman said.

The workers were also informed in the email that they would not receive paid leave promised by Tesla until their department was finally closed. Guidance issued before Tesla announced the plants shutdown shows that any employee who feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable during work is encouraged to take paid or unpaid leave.

The worker, who currently works at the plant, said Teslas closing process usually takes hours for a car product with moderate problems.. But they also said that many cars were in production when the company shut down on Monday, so more offline work was needed.

Sam abuelsamid, chief analyst at Navigant research, a market research firm, said vehicles coming off the production lines of traditional carmakers usually complete delivery checks in minutes. Tesla novel coronavirus worker has not answered questions about workers at the end of the line or the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection.

Tesla last week kept its car factory in Fremont, California, open despite the San Francisco Bay Areas asylum in place order, which took effect on March 17. The company is just beginning to deliver its fifth electric vehicle model y, and is in the middle of a typical quarter end promotion that requires building and delivering as many cars as possible.

Novel coronavirus threat was also downplayed by ElonMusk, Elon Mask, and almost all major US automakers such as Ford, general motors and Fiat Chrysler agreed to suspend their operations in the US. Tesla, the largest U.S. automaker without union workers, told white-collar workers last week that they could work remotely while the plant was still in operation.

Tesla finally announced on March 19 that it would comply with the Bay Areas orders to close the Fremont plant that assembles models 3, models s, model x, and model y, and retain only a small number of employees who handle basic operations such as payroll. Tesla announced the same day that its solar cell plant in New York would also be suspended. Meanwhile, Teslas local super plant continues to operate, despite Nevadas governors demand that all unnecessary businesses close.

Musk said on twitter on Wednesday that he plans to restart the New York plant as soon as possible.. At the same time, Tesla is trying to help increase the production of respirators. (Chen Chen)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report