Cheng Tengfei, a policeman: carrying goods and materials with hunger and hard work

 Cheng Tengfei, a policeman: carrying goods and materials with hunger and hard work

During the epidemic prevention and control, Cheng Tengfei volunteered to go to the epidemic isolation hospital, the most dangerous place in Zhongzhou farm, to take charge of the protection and mediation work.

On the premise of ensuring absolute safety, we should transport these anti epidemic materials back to Hanchuan from Zhengzhou as soon as possible, so as to solve the urgent problem of anti epidemic line.

Make sure you finish the task!

After the handover, Cheng Tengfei killed his car at 4:00 p.m. on February 7. After that, he took the passport and other relevant certificates and the delivery list of Zhengzhou airport customs, and went on the road alone.

Due to the increasingly serious epidemic situation, a series of corresponding measures have been introduced for highway management and control. After entering Henan, Cheng Tengfei took the initiative to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control inspection in all epidemic prevention and control points. Finally, he arrived at Zhengzhou airport at 2 a.m. on February 8 after a 10 hour long journey of more than 640 kilometers.

In order to ensure the safety of driving back, Cheng Tengfei slept in the car for three hours. At about 5 a.m., he woke up hungry, remembering that he hadnt been dripping for about 16 hours.

The task is urgent. Cheng Tengfei cant prepare enough food and drink. He found boiled water at the airport and ate the only bowl of instant noodles in the car.

As soon as the customs opened, he went through the formalities of taking delivery. At about 12 noon, 17 boxes of goods donated to Hanchuan were finally delivered smoothly. With the help of customs staff, 645 sets of medical protective clothing and 1000 N95 masks were successfully loaded at 12:40.

Competing against time, he didnt care to have lunch and immediately set out on his way back.

These medical protective clothing are the battle robes of medical staff. If they are transported back to Hanchuan earlier, they will be able to cope with the epidemic and save lives earlier! Cheng Tengfei said.

Although the traffic on the highway is not big, he dare not slack off at all. Time goes by hour by hour. The striking signs in Xuchang, Luohe, Zhumadian and other service areas flash by

Enter the service area to eat, drink hot water and have a rest? Too late. A bottle of cold pure water has become the only supply for his thousands of miles of walking alone.

What should I do if Im tired after driving so long? He said that when he felt a little tired, he would sing loudly or spray a little alcohol on his forehead to keep awake. In addition, when getting off the vehicle for inspection at the checkpoint of epidemic prevention and control, we can have a few minutes off. He said with a smile.

It took 28 hours and a round trip of nearly 1300 kilometers. At about 8:00 p.m. on February 8, Cheng Tengfei drove a car full of epidemic prevention materials to reach the destination, Hanchuan CDC, safely and successfully completed the task.