All right! Hubei to lift the control of the channel from Hubei Province first day!

 All right! Hubei to lift the control of the channel from Hubei Province first day!

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All right! Hubeis first direct attack on lifting the control of the exit from Hubei (source: Xinhua News Agency)

The border between Hubei and Anhui provinces

Jiezidun bayonet

Zero hour

38 year old truck driver Zhao Liangliang

Hard to hide excitement and joy

Carrying 32 tons of tiles

Heading for Susong County, Anhui Province

Hubei novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention command headquarters

Previous announcement

From 0:00 on the 25th

Release the control of the exit from Hubei

Orderly recovery of external traffic

Hubei health code green code

Safe and orderly flow

25 days zero hour

One of the main channels to get in and out of Xiaogan

Xiaogan East toll station of Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway

The tent at the checkpoint has been removed

Xiaogan traffic police detachment police

Huang Xueming and his colleagues

And township cadres on duty day and night

Finally, Im relieved

The heart that has been hanging,

Finally put it down

Someone went to Hubei to resume work

There are also people.

Go to the provincial foreign service

About 1 a.m

Border between Hubei and Jiangxi

Hubei East Gate

Xiaochi Town, Huangmei County, Huanggang City

Bridgehead of Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge

Transit from here

Dawu County

Guarding the North Gate of Hubei Province

Daxin toll station in the county

At 9:40 on the 25th

Free passage of vehicles

Wu Xiaoping, a toll station employee, said

As of 10 oclock,

More than yesterday,

Mainly private cars,

Many are provincial licenses.

Provincial highways,

To do so, we should do everything possible.

Director of Traffic Management Bureau of Hubei public security department

Yao Jun said

From today to 27

The inter provincial highway from Hubei will be fully opened

Orderly and smooth roads

Railway and aviation are also recovering

Streets of Wuhan

There are also many changes

From March 25

117 bus lines resumed operation in Wuhan

Including Hankou, Wuchang and Wuhan

From the three major railway stations

42 bus lines

And 75 regional bus lines in the central urban area

Bus station near Wuchang railway station

Bus driver Zhou Jingjing

Now there are new jobsu2014u2014

Bus safety officer

Our job is to

Supervise every passenger

Scan the code before getting on the train,

Passengers without a health code,

Need to show the

You can only take the bus if you have a health certificate.

5:25 am

The night is still over

A 533 bus

Leave Hankou railway station

Heading for the streets

Facing spring light

Hubei Province

A silent city for a long time

Is waking up in this spring