As soon as he asked for help from South Korea, trump stepped on South Korea on twitter

 As soon as he asked for help from South Korea, trump stepped on South Korea on twitter

On the evening of the 25th local time, trump said on his Twitter: according to the current situation, so far, the United States has done more (new coronavirus) tests than any other country!

But then he added: in fact, in eight days, the U.S. now does more tests than South Korea, a very successful testing country, does in eight weeks.

According to previous reports, Yonhap 24 quoted Chong Wa Dae news, on Tuesday, President Trump told the Korean President Wen moon Jae in his call, he hoped that South Korea could provide medical equipment support for the United States.

Moon Jae in reply said his government would provide the greatest support if conditions permit.

The two leaders also discussed how the two countries can carry out bilateral cooperation in the fight against the new crown epidemic. Later, according to Yonhap news agency reported on the 25th, Zheng Yinjing, head of South Koreas central anti epidemic Strategy Department, said the same day that as far as she knew, the medical materials requested by US President trump for South Koreas support were new coronavirus diagnostic reagents. We can support the United States without affecting domestic epidemic prevention.

At present, the number of cases of infection in the United States is on a significant upward curve. On the 25th, Brigadier General Paul Friedrichs, chief medical adviser and member of the Joint Chiefs of staff, said that according to the Pentagons model, the U.S. epidemic could continue to grow in the next three weeks.

Moon Jae in the United States, Trump, spoke highly of the Korean crown Wen in 25, but highly praised the new crown virus detection level in South Korea. However, he repeatedly stressed that the 8 day test in the United States exceeded the 8 week detection rate in South Korea. He also claimed that the US test capability surprised the ROK, but did not mention the aid of medical equipment in the moon Jae in Yin.