Never felt so hard to go home

 Never felt so hard to go home

Many fighting fans remember Zhang Weilis battle to defend her crown vividly. In the octagonal cage, she and Joanna fought for five rounds. The corners of her eyes were torn, her eyes were swollen into two seams, and Joannas forehead was hit with a huge swelling, almost completely different. And even if the war was even worse, Zhang Weili never shed a tear.

The mood burst after the game. During the interview with the host, she cheered the country in the epidemic situation with tears streaming down her face; and after more than half a month, Zhang Weili once again broke down in tears when facing the reporters. This time, its because of the loneliness, depression and deep yearning for the hometown.

Never felt so hard to go home

From March last year to now, Zhang Weili has not returned home for nearly a year, her life is almost filled with training and competition. In preparation for the coronation battle with Joanna, Zhang spent her Spring Festival outside.

Looking at the competition day by day approaching, Zhang Weilis heart has been stretched a string, before each training, she will do ten minutes of psychological counseling for herself, but also constantly cheer for herself: to refuel, to resist. Its not easy to survive to defend the title, but the spread of the epidemic in the United States blocked her way home.

At present, Zhang Weili is isolating herself in Las Vegas, and her daily training volume is not guaranteed. In order to maintain her condition, she can only practice for two hours in the living room every day.

Zhang Weili trains in the United States. For map.

In her spare time, Zhang felt depressed when she saw the news about the epidemic. Its very difficult to buy tickets now, and there are many people returning home. Every day, there are confirmed cases. Now Im very confused, and I dont know what to do, Zhang said helplessly.

Homesickness has become what Zhang Weili has been saying recently. She told netizens about her homesickness during the live broadcast, and in the interview, she couldnt stop crying because she wanted to go home. I really want to go back. Ive never felt it so difficult to go home. I miss home very much, but now I cant help it. Im worried about the plane (being infected). Its really depressing and uncomfortable, said Zhang Weili with a cry.

Data chart: on March 8, Beijing time, Zhang Weili, Chinas first UFC champion, successfully defended her title by beating Joanna in five rounds at the womens world champion of grass weight in ufc248 stop in Las Vegas, USA.

Sports have no borders, but athletes have countries

The other side of sensibility is perseverance. Looking back on Zhang Weilis growing experience, in fact, her ability to resist pressure is very strong. At the age of 12, he entered the martial arts school to learn Sanda, but retired early because of injuries. In his early 20s, he left home and drifted North. In order to make a living, he has worked as a preschool teacher, sales and fitness coach

Zhang Weili, who succeeded in defending the title, wrote: China refuels, the world refuels

As a child, Zhang Weili envied those Olympic athletes who could raise the national flag and play the National Anthem after winning the gold medal. However, comprehensive combat is not an Olympic event. Although she got the gold belt, Zhang Weili could not see the five-star red flag rising in a foreign country, which became her little regret.

Zhang Weili told China New Zealand sports reporters that sports have no national boundaries, but athletes have countries. No matter where I am, I want to wear the national flag and set a good example.

Im not fighting alone

From Thailand to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Zhang Weili was a little depressed and called her mother to complain that she had to change places again. The mother at the other end of the phone asked her to think about the anti epidemic workers who were fighting on the front line: you are just changing places, but everyone is trying, and you should try.

Hearing this, Zhang Weili suddenly felt that she was not alone in the battle. Those medical staff are the closest to the virus, they are not afraid. Why should I complain about changing places?

From that time on, Zhang Weilis mentality began to become peaceful, and she also firmly believed that a victory should be used to encourage those working in the front line of anti epidemic. I think we need a win to inspire everyone. I want everyone to know that we are strong and we can overcome difficulties.

I never give up on a shoot

Zhang Weili never had a day off on her way from Beijing to the United States. After arriving at her destination, she went on training.

A few days before the competition, Zhang Weili began to lose weight. She drank seven kilograms of water a day and then drained the water through training. But because of the long journey, coupled with the impact of jet lag, Zhang began vomiting in the middle of the night. At that time, it was water poisoning. It was very dangerous. Brain pressure and blood pressure were very high..

However, even after all kinds of twists and turns, Zhang Weili still thinks that she can win. I know I will win, I practice so hard every day, I have no reason to lose.

Zhang Weili in training. Supply map

Perhaps it was with this belief that the fighting fans saw her and Joannas five round battle. It is said that if you are in full bloom, the breeze comes from you. Zhang Weilis story of growing up is the best explanation for this sentence chicken soup.

As for her next goal, Zhangs answer is simple. She said, I just want to go back to China quickly. After isolation, I want to train well. (by Xing Rui)

Source of this article: China News Network Editor in charge: Cao Liqiao and ns1806