The extension of 2021 is called 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? It was originally to save money

 The extension of 2021 is called 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? It was originally to save money

On the one hand, it is to save materials. At present, a large number of banners, billboards, flags and signs related to the Tokyo Olympic Games are basically in place. If the name is changed to 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, it means that a large number of materials need to be modified or even remade, which will cause huge waste, especially when the Japanese government has suffered blood loss due to the delay, which is even more unbearable.

On the other hand, it is to avoid contract disputes. Tokyo 2020 has applied for patents and franchises, and Tokyo 2020 appears as a whole in the sponsorship contract. Therefore, if 2020 is changed to 2021, it involves not only changing a 0 to a 1, but also countless contracts that need to be modified and re signed. There is a huge cost and immeasurability in it. The postponement of the Olympic Games has already left all parties in a mess. The trouble is, of course, to save is to save, and the terms that can not be changed will not be changed.

The third aspect is to take the initiative in striving for a new schedule. In 2021, there will be a large number of international single events to be held. Their interests would not have been affected by the epidemic this year. In fact, they have no obligation to make way for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

If 2020 is still hanging in the Tokyo Olympic Games, it can be more clear: this event is in a state of postponement, which can help them to be in a favorable position for negotiation when striving for a specific schedule in 2021.

Time is money. 2020 is about time and money.

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