The first batch of 205 cinemas in Shanghai returned to the market in an orderly manner and took a number of measures

 The first batch of 205 cinemas in Shanghai returned to the market in an orderly manner and took a number of measures

NetEase entertainment reported novel coronavirus pneumonia on March 26th, 26, the news conference of the leading group of new crown pneumonia prevention and control in Shanghai City revealed that Shanghai cinema will be open to business from March 28th. At present, the first batch of 205 cinemas in the city will be reopened on the same day, and the first batch of nearly 20 excellent films such as the devil child of Nezha and wandering earth have been screened. The cinema will take a number of measures to ensure the safety of film viewing.

The first is to set up the group standard of the industry in China, implement the protective measures, and ensure the safety of audiences viewing

On March 13, the Shanghai film distribution and projection Industry Association issued to the cinemas of the whole city the technical guide for epidemic prevention in Cinemas (cities), which contains 15 detailed rules in eight categories, including personnel, space, sales, film arrangement and ticket sales, air conditioning system, epidemic prevention publicity, waste classification, equipment management, etc. It is the first standardized group epidemic prevention guidance formulated by the industry in domestic cinemas, providing standards for the resumption of cinemas in Shanghai and even the whole country. The guidelines suggest that in addition to the routine operations during the epidemic prevention and control period, such as temperature detection for employees and audiences, admission with masks, inspection and code application, etc., theaters should also cross or arrange tickets, and the interval between theaters should be controlled at least 20 minutes, to ensure that time and other standards are set aside for each disinfection, so as to guide the audience to be assured and safe.

Figure 1 cross selling mode

Figure 2 ticket selling mode in separate rows

Second, strengthen industry guidance and supervision, fully prepare for opening, and promote orderly and safe opening of cinemas

In order to ensure the orderly return to work and production of cinemas, cinemas must pass three aspects of preparation for opening, record commitment and on-the-spot inspection before resuming business. After the theater passes the preparation period for opening, it shall make a record commitment to Shanghai Film Bureau on the implementation of the anti epidemic plan, the staffs anti epidemic training, the material and equipment allocation, the disinfection of the site items, the arrangement of films and tickets, and formulate the film watching guide for the audience; the Municipal Film Bureau and the industry association shall go to the cinema site for the record commitment of the cinema Conduct inspection and verification to ensure that the promised content is in place. Theaters can resume business after passing the above three links. At present, there are 205 cinemas in the city that will be approved first on March 28, and other cinemas will be opened orderly when the conditions are mature.

Third, actively organize high-quality film sources, increase content supply, and enrich the content of fans viewing

Shanghai will vigorously coordinate with the state film administration and the management of cinemas, increase the supply of film content after the resumption of cinemas, and enrich the selection of movie viewing. At present, China Film Co., Ltd. has determined the first batch of films, including nearly 20 excellent films, such as the birth of Nezhas devil child, China partner, wolf totem, wolf 2, wandering the earth, how to be a home, you of the youth, green book, etc. in the next step, it will successively release classic films with strong visibility and synchronized films of the cinema. Shanghai will also further tap the potential and expand the increment. When the conditions are mature, it will resume the 2020 Shanghai weekly film exhibition as soon as possible, input rich film sources for the market, and let the audience have a better experience of watching movies.

Fourth, launch public welfare preferential fare activities, serve the industry, serve the audience, reduce the cost of film viewing, and restore industry confidence

In order to encourage the audience to watch the movie, the activity of watching the movie and making up 10 yuan for the benefit of the people from watching the movie in Shanghai in the spring of the epidemic, which is organized by the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shanghai Film Bureau, is about to be launched. The activity starts on March 28 and ends on April 26, and lasts for one month. During the whole activity, the audience can buy movie tickets online in the app of taopiao. Each ticket can enjoy a consumption subsidy of 10 yuan. Each user can buy 4 subsidised tickets, with a limited subsidy of 20000 tickets per day. A total of 600000 movie tickets are planned to be subsidized, so as to help the cinema industry restore normal market order as soon as possible.

List of 205 Fushi cinemas source: Shanghai release materials: Shanghai Film Bureau source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao and nk5655

List of 205 cinemas in Fushi

Source: issued in Shanghai