On the first day of lifting the ban in Hubei, 50 million people in Hubei cried: the virus will disappear, but prejudice will not

 On the first day of lifting the ban in Hubei, 50 million people in Hubei cried: the virus will disappear, but prejudice will not

On March 24, from 0:00 on April 8, Hubeis official announcement, Wuhan lifted the control measures for the channel from Han to Hubei.

As soon as the announcement came out, it was finally on this day! In the cheers, many Hubei people could not help but shed tears.

They have been looking forward to the day for too long.

For more than two months, they have experienced all the miseries in the world and suffered everything that they should not have. Now they finally usher in a day when they can walk out of Hubei and flowers bloom in spring.

But this is not the case.

Going out of Hubei does not mean going out of the shadow of the epidemic.

We are recruiting, except for Hubei people.

Sorry, our hotel doesnt accept Hubei people.

Hubei employees do not return for the time being, waiting for the companys notice!

The life of Hubei people is much more difficult than you think.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not China virus.

Not even Wuhan virus

Not long ago, a family of five from Hubei went to Foshan, Guangdong Province, to work with green code. After arriving in Foshan, they consciously isolated themselves at home. They never thought about it, but they were reported by their neighbors.

The community members came to the door and insisted that they should be sent to the designated hotel for isolation. The isolation costs should be borne by themselves, and even the police were called.

In the dispute, the young woman of the five said that her family, with health certificate and green code, fully complies with the regulations. If the community is not assured, she can accept even putting a seal on the door.

However, the residents refused to pay for her concession:

Do you know, because you are from Hubei, so they are very afraid.

Is Hubei back ill?

The husband, who had not intervened, asked angrily.

No matter how a family of five explains it, the community members are unmoved. You are from Hubei Province, and others are afraid, so you have to go to isolation at your own expense.

When it comes to the end, the women are all a little broken.

I havent been to work for months. If you let me pay again, I have no money.

Yes, if it is not forced by life, who is willing to take the risk to work in a foreign country.

It is clear that everything is done in accordance with the regulations, and the people in Hubei who are aggrieved are more than one family.

Fortunately, according to government documents, a family of five doesnt have to go to the hotel for centralized isolation. They just need to isolate themselves at home and the dust settles down.

Hubei people, who were supposed to be heroes, were driven away by some people as the God of plague.

The cars at the beginning of e are not allowed to enter, the Hotels with ID cards at the beginning of 42 are not allowed to accept, and Hubei employees are dismissed. Seemingly magical scenes are actually staged in real life.

Some people cry for Hubei on the surface, but in fact, they make Hubei people cry. They shout come on from Wuhan, come on from Hubei, and they refuse to let Hubei people enter. While protesting against foreign countries stigmatization of China, they are stigmatizing Hubei.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a China virus, nor is it a Wuhan virus.

Matsushita said:

Peoples prejudice has spread from Wuhan to Hubei, and Hubei people have been demonized.

A netizen and her husband and children charter a car from their hometown of Xiaogan, Hubei, to go back to work in Hangzhou on March 18.

Even though we have confirmed our health, the company still doesnt allow us to go to work, because this time is inappropriate.

When she went out to meet her neighbor, she was very excited and asked her, why is there no isolation? When did she come back?

Even though she had explained it several times, there were still people who insisted on isolating them.

For a moment, I felt like a beggar. The vagrant, the despised, the frightened beggar. She said.

The people around did not behave out of place, but the biased eyes told them plainly:

Hubei people are not welcome here.

Such a vision is more painful than a virus.

Prejudice in thought will inevitably lead to injustice in behavior. Whats more, it will spread to the next generation.

A Hubei based Zhihu netizen said his child was ostracized by other children because he came from Hubei.

Hes from Hubei Province. We dont play with him.

Children are innocent and ignorant, but its this innocent cruelty, even more heartache.


Hubei people are hard enough

Please be kind to them

In front of the outsiders, the sadness and suffering of Fengcheng for several months seems to be just a picture, but the actual pain can only be understood by the people who are in it.

Some people wander outside and some families cant go back;

Some people have lost their loved ones, just over two months, experienced great changes in life, bearing the unbearable weight of life;

Some people have emotional breakdown and no outlet. They dont cry or laugh. It seems normal, but their heart is already riddled with holes. They have depression.

I really want to sleep and never wake up again.

How many people hope its just a nightmare before they go to bed. When they wake up, everything will return to its original state. But when they wake up, they are still devastated.

Nine million people in Wuhan and 50 million in Hubei are suffering not only from spiritual attack, but also from economic pressure.

For more than two months, I didnt go out to work. I had to save money to eat and drink. I couldnt bear to sit back and eat.

Every month, the house loan should be paid, the babys milk powder money, the familys insurance should be paid, the parents also need relief, and money is needed everywhere. Adults are overwhelmed.

Everyone knows this truth. If you dont go out and work, you will have no money. If you dont have money, you will have no food. The reality is so cruel.

Sometimes life is just for living. No matter how fierce the epidemic is, it cant stop those who want to support their families.

For Hubei people, the epidemic is far from over, the dead people can not come back, and the pain will not disappear with the lifting of Wuhan.

A brother of a relatives family went to Guangzhou from Xiangyang, Hubei Province a few days ago, and was sent to the isolation hotel for 14 days at his own expense.

280 yuan a day, 3920 yuan has been put into it before one cent has been earned, and it is unknown whether it will succeed in finding a job after isolation.

Seeing this, the rest of the family also put out the idea of going out to work.

Hubei people, its really hard.

A girl was driven out of the rental house by the landlord and forced to go to the hotel for isolation.

Im sorry. Im the one in Jingzhou, Hubei Province who humiliated everyone. She said.

Hubei should not be a word that you dare not say, but a word that you feel proud of.

The joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same. We do not seek understanding, but respect.

Dont look at Hubei people with prejudice, because todays Hubei people, maybe tomorrows you, treat Hubei people kindly, that is, treat yourself kindly.


Lets wait for Hubei to restart

Lets live together in the sun

Kissinger said in on China that China is always protected by their bravest people.

Hubei people are the bravest.

Remember the people of Wuhan two months ago?

The outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan when the first, a command, the city blockade, ordinary people stay at home, do not give others trouble.

Never leave or return to Wuhan.

Then, Ezhou, Xiangyang, Huanggang and other cities in Hubei Province were closed one after another, almost all of Hubei Province was closed.

A friend who runs a restaurant nearby has to close down because of an epidemic, and a large number of dishes that were hoarded years ago cant be sold.

Instead of complaining about himself, he made the dishes into boxed meals, which he gave free to the anti epidemic workers who worked hard at the intersection at noon and the community service workers who rushed to the community every day to deliver the dishes for disinfection.

A well prepared meal

And this is only one of the thousands of lights.

The light of fireflies can also be a light of their own, bringing together forces from all sides. With firm faith, the people of Wuhan hold fast, and Hubei hold fast.

Not long ago, there was a traffic jam on the empty Expressway leading to Wuhan. These traffic jams, which are boring in normal times, make people cry at this time.

Because, this proves that Wuhan is recovering, and Hubei, which has been pressed the pause key, is restarting.

My friend drove back to Wuhan two days ago. The trunk of his car was full of food and daily necessities, so that he would not cause trouble to others when he isolated himself.

It has been nearly two months since she came back to Xiangyangs hometown before Fengcheng. What she remembers most is her flowers. She always says that she doesnt know how the flowers are.

After returning home, she sent me a picture. Sure enough, she didnt take care of it for months. The flower that was about to bloom years ago is now dead.

She is the one who loves flowers. Looking at the withered flowers, I comforted her, but I didnt think about it. She said, its OK. Theres another one alive! The tone was full of joy.

I think this is the Hubei people. Even though they were attacked by a disaster for a while, they are still full of hope for life. They are treated with different eyes, but they will not be disappointed by human nature, just like the flower that no one watered, no one cared, but still grew tenaciously.

Even in adversity, the sun is still rising.


Everyone is against prejudice, but everyone is biased, he said.

We all know what its like to be discriminated against.

Dont do what you dont want to do to others. when you look at Hubei people in a different way, think about the efforts of Hubei people and think about yourself.

One netizen once said:

I think this kind of malice itself is more sad than the epidemic. I hope that by the time spring comes, the epidemic is over, and with good will, we will support this city that has been ravaged by the virus. Thank you. Isolated city is not terrible. Whats terrible is the estrangement cast by human heart and the flower wall carved by selfishness.

The virus didnt break Hubei people, please dont let them be broken by prejudice; dont let isolate the virus, dont isolate love become a beautiful empty talk.

We are all family members. In this disaster, we have encouraged and supported each other to get through the difficulties together.

People in other provinces have also shed tears and hearts for Hubei people, even donated materials, hoping for the end of the epidemic. Everyone is the same.

Point out looking, oppose prejudice and support Hubei.