He can only train temporarily on the farm. Olympic Games will be postponed for one year = dream is broken

 He can only train temporarily on the farm. Olympic Games will be postponed for one year = dream is broken

Andrew Pozzi, 27, a British 110m hurdler.

The decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games has left the athletes eager to take part in the Olympic Games in agony.

I can accept the postponement of the Olympic Games, which is also responsible for the health of the athletes. But the IOC has to find a proper and fair time for the sacrifice of its athletes. This is Britains 110m hurdler Andrew borzis statement in an interview with Sky Sports recently.

Pozzi, who was trained in Italy for the Olympics, is now almost unable to train normally due to the epidemic.

For the European sports world without a national system, there are many athletes like bozzi who have been disrupted by the epidemic -- in the words of David Green, a British veteran of 400m hurdles, the IOC may have made the right decision, but it also means that my dream has come to an end.

Bozzi is the best 110 meter hurdler in Europe.

The hesitation of the IOC is outrageous

I was shocked when I just heard that the IOC decided to postpone the Tokyo Olympics, but I realized that the world is in a terrible health crisis, and the safety of all people must be put first.

In an interview with sky sports, Andrew Pozzi, 27, a British 110m hurdler, revealed his most real psychological changes. He had hoped that the Olympics would be held as scheduled, but the terrible epidemic around him forced him to face the reality that he was in Italy, the hardest hit region in Europe.

18 months ago, in order to improve his hurdle skills and backrange ability, bozzi came to Italy alone and trained with legendary coach Santiago Anton. His ability has really improved, especially at the start of the run and between bars.

Before the European indoor season was cancelled due to the epidemic, bozzi had won 5 games and 5 games in Europe, luck was a word he often talked about. Unfortunately, this luck did not get him to the Olympic Games.

There is no doubt that the IOC is in a difficult situation, but they didnt help the athletes until they decided to postpone it. Instead, they provided the opposite information.

Pozzi is one of the athletes affected by the hesitation of the International Olympic Committee. The news from governments is to isolate everyone, but the International Olympic Committee makes everyone work hard to train and prepare. You know, train and prepare hard means different things to athletes from different countries. Some athletes have not been able to leave their homes, others have not even felt the horror of the virus

In fact, the IOC invited more than 200 athletes to hold a conference call, but in the words of bozzi, the IOC chose to remain silent when many athletes questioned.

When a large number of athletes are unable to train normally for various reasons, the hesitation of the IOC is outrageous. David Green, a British 400m hurdler, told the guardian directly.

British veteran green.

Uncertain new schedule, they still persist in pain

Under the pressure of athletes and sports federations, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo organizing committee finally reached an agreement and announced the decision of postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games in advance. However, only one pair of boots landed - the new schedule still needs four weeks to decide.

For athletes, they are still suffering. All they can do is to keep on training with high intensity during the epidemic.

At present, I have lived in a closed environment for two weeks at the national level. In such a situation that I have to keep a distance from the society, I will go to the base to train for several hours every day. Pozzi is lucky. Although his plan to train in the United States was cancelled, the Italian Olympic Committee gave a few athletes who are going to participate in the Olympic Games the right to keep training.

I can only go to the supermarket once a week. Every time I go out, I feel that the street is particularly open. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to contact people, and it is more and more difficult to live alone. My only chance to talk face to face every day is a few hours at the training base. But we work in small groups, keeping distance and doing intensive training.

Every time I come home from training, its hard for me to accept the fact that I wont touch anyone for the next 24 hours.

Pozzi also wanted to return to the UK, but because of the uncertainty of the new Olympic schedule, he finally decided to stay in Italy, where the outbreak is serious. Perhaps borzis decision is the right one, because David Green, who trains in the UK, cant find the training ground.

Green is training on the farm of his teammates.

After the UK entered the first level of closure, things got worse and worse. The high performance athletes Center for many British athletes training has been closed, and my coach and his family have returned to Switzerland.

David Green can only go to the school near his home to collect 400 meters of runway, but the gate of the school is locked, I wrote an email to the school and hope to borrow it, but now the epidemic, the hope of getting permission is slim.

Green can only train temporarily on his teammates farm. He finds a huge tractor tire to do resistance training, then sprint and leapfrog.

I know a pole vaulter and her husband can only temporarily transform the garage into a gym, but how they train pole vaulting is unknown. There are javelin throwers who really cant train in practice, he said

In addition to training venues, training funds are also a headache for them. For those athletes with state sponsorship, their annual income is as high as 27000 euros, and there may be no problem in insisting on training. But for some ordinary athletes, including myself, its not that simple.

I do get 1500 euros a year from the Sports Association, but all the rest comes from competitions or going to school for lectures. But now its all stalled. I dont have a source of money.

Green dashed with the tire.

One year later, the dream is broken

In Greens words, the only thing that keeps me going is to put on the British uniform again at the Tokyo Olympics.

However, a seemingly uncomplicated postponement decision has a huge impact on athletes, especially those who have reached the end of their careers, such as green, 34.

Now, Ive been in the perfect form for a long time, but the cruel fact tells me that if the Olympic Games are postponed for one year, all my efforts will be wasted.

As the champion of the 400m hurdles in the 2011 Daegu World Championships, green has been struggling with injuries and age in the past 10 years. At the track and field world cup in London in 2018, green, 32, won another bronze medal in the 400m hurdles, rekindling his hopes for the Tokyo Olympics.

But now, green has a very negative comment to the guardian: my dream may stop here.

Indeed, the postponement is not just a few months in numbers for athletes, but involves complicated training contracts and competition preparation plans and arrangements.

If its a few months, then in order to stay in the best condition, the training program will add rest and recalibration time. If it is delayed for a longer time, it will cause great problems for athletes and coaches.

Pozzi explained the complexity to Sky Sports: issues like expiration of contract, life of athletes, coaching and training will be re planned at the end of 2020, which means more time and new plans must be spent. In theory, an athlete needs to spend at least six weeks before the game to maintain the best competitive condition

Because of this, everyone is waiting for the final plan of the International Olympic Committee. Its a long and painful four weeks.

My only advice to the IOC is to be able to tell all athletes in the fastest way when the Olympic Games will be held. Its going to be the most effective way to reduce stress for athletes, Green said

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