Barcelona give up the penalty and dig Neymar! Money + players exchange for preference

 Barcelona give up the penalty and dig Neymar! Money + players exchange for preference

In the summer of 2017, Paris took out 22 million euros of liquidated damages from Neymars contract with Barca to sign the western Jazeera. After Neymars departure, Barca has been struggling in the Champions League. With Messis age, Barca hopes to sign back Neymar and continue to dominate the football world.

But Paris is very determined, that is, not to let people go. Some time ago, the media broke the news that Barcelona wanted to sign back Neymar with FIFA terms. According to Clause 17 of the FIFA transfer charter, after 28 years of age and three seasons at the club, even if there is no liquidated damages clause, the contract can be terminated without any justifiable reason, and Neymar will meet this requirement in the summer of 2020. According to the calculation of Barca, it is expected to pay 180 million euros of liquidated damages to sign the Western jawbone.

But according to the daily sport, Barcelona have given up signing Neymar in this way for two reasons. First, under the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Barcelonas financial strength has declined significantly, and the team has been cutting salaries for players. In the case of financial constraints, another 180 million euros to buy Neymar will cause unnecessary turmoil within the club. How about Barcelona players who can buy 180 million euro but want to reduce their salaries?

Secondly, once Barcelona uses this clause to buy people, Paris may appeal to FIFA or the international sports arbitration court. However, the appeal process is very slow, and how long it will take for Barcelona to buy Neymar remains unknown.

It is reported that Barcelona will continue to buy Neymar, but decided to negotiate with Paris, Barca currently hopes to give a small part of the cash, and then give it to Paris players, in this way to get Neymar. From the daily sports forecast, glitzman may be a chip in the deal.

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