Japanese experts: vaccine development needs 5-15 years of Olympic Games to be postponed for one year

 Japanese experts: vaccine development needs 5-15 years of Olympic Games to be postponed for one year

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Vaccines are the safest way if they have eyes, said Koichi Morita, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University in Japan, about the expectation of the epidemic to subside. If we dont take measures to expand the infection, which leads to 67% of the national infection, the new spreading trend will be weakened according to the calculation. However, if we try to create this situation by next year, there will be an explosion of patients, not only dangerous but also the medical institutions may not be able to deal with it. Vaccines are a way to build mass immunity without taking risks.

Vaccine development is accelerating around the world. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States has developed a vaccine that can produce antibodies by artificially making proteins specific to the new coronavirus in vivo, and has been used in human body. Japans Osaka University and others have also carried out vaccine animal experiments targeting other proteins, although it is said that one year is not enough to confirm the effectiveness and safety.

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Experts hold a negative view on the situation of no vaccine. People who have no symptoms will also release the virus, and it is difficult to completely inhibit the spread of the virus even if patients can be reduced through treatment, Morita said

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), similar to the new coronavirus, subsided without a vaccine. From November 2002, the virus was first confirmed to July 2003, when the epidemic subsided. However, the spread of SARS is mainly in Asia, with more than 8000 cases. There are more than 400000 people in the world who have been infected with SARS. This virus is totally incomparable.

As for the situation one year later, Morita said that we must pay attention to the global response and spread in the future. Another expert said that the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are different, and it is impossible to make a judgment without observing the situation for at least one full year from the time of the outbreak..

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