Money or a dream? Ithalos 9.9-million-a-week salary is suspected to be hyped

 Money or a dream? Ithalos 9.9-million-a-week salary is suspected to be hyped

Everyone knows that ihalo likes Manchester United. Over the past few months, he has been stressing that he wanted to play for Manchester United since he was a child. This time, in order to play for Manchester United, he is willing to accept a pay cut. According to previous reports in British media, ihalos salary at Manchester United is only 180000 pounds, 40% lower than that in China. Although the salary is less, but ihalo himself is willing to, he will come to Manchester United to play as a dream trip.

For everyone, its always nice to realize a dream, but theres a real problem after realizing a dream: how to live the next day? Since joining Manchester United, ihalo has performed well, which can even be described as amazing, and has been recognized by United. British media said that Manchester United had decided to buy ihalo with 15 million pounds this summer. So, ihalo will have to face the choice, is it to dream of staying at Manchester United to continue to take low salary or return to China Super League to enjoy high salary?

If he stays at Manchester United, ihalos salary will surely be reduced next season. He cant even get the current 180000 pounds a week. But he can stay at Old Trafford. If he goes back to Shenhua, he can enjoy 300000 pounds of weekly salary again, and get the feeling of being a star and a moon. To be honest, anyone cant make up his mind in this situation? Obviously, ihalo is in a swing.

Ihalo is also a human being, who has selfish desires and desires to maximize interests. Driven by interests, people will inevitably have some abnormal behaviors. A professional reporter pointed out that the news that Manchester United want to buy out ihalo in the near future and that Shenhua wants to renew ihalo with a high salary today is probably hype, and the driving force behind it is the ihalo team. Whats the purpose of the hype? Its easy, either to get Manchester United to sign or to force Shenhua to raise his salary.

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