Collect the top of the worlds word-of-mouth list of high beauty male CP. whats the beauty of this play

 Collect the top of the worlds word-of-mouth list of high beauty male CP. whats the beauty of this play

People cant help wondering, is the play really so good-looking, worth 9.2 points?

Lets see the actors first.

Some people say that fake couple is the ceiling of the beauty value of Thai corrupt drama. Its not a boast.

The actor who plays sarawat is called bright, and Chinese audiences like to call him Liang Zai.

Born in 1997, he is 183cm tall. His mother is Thai and his father is a mixture of Chinese and American.

The Western outline and the eastern style, the Three Kingdoms mixed successfully.

The handsome man with three-dimensional facial features and a strong face looks like Bo Yuanchong + Mario.

Deep eye socket, high bridge of nose, side face is also very superior.

Like Thai boxing and football, this figure

Good clothing, good aesthetic, good at taking photos.

The boy who plays tine is win, born in 1999, a Chinese Thai hybrid.

White rich beauty one, there are mines at home. It is said that if you cant get along in the entertainment circle, you will go back to inherit your family business.

Although its his first acting, its very natural.

A performance seems to be smart, but in fact, the stinking, stupid image is interpreted incisively and vividly.

At first glance, he may not feel particularly handsome, but after a long time, he found that he was very patient.

You know, in a love drama, whether its BG or BL, casting is always the most important thing.

If two people have audience affinity and CP sense, they have already succeeded in half.

And the other half depends on the blessing of the plot.

Its plot is very simple: think very Cool Silly sculpture college student tine, originally wanted to start a love with lovely girls in the campus, but repeatedly hit the wall.

Instead, it attracted green, a seeker who looks like Little Shenyang, to fight against him.

Wherever tine goes, Little Shenyang in Thailand follows him. Even when he goes to the toilet, he doesnt forget to put a piece of toilet paper to express his love.

When theres no way out, a few bad friends of tine give him advice. Why dont you find a handsome guy to pretend to be your boyfriend? Green knows that he cant compare with a handsome guy, and he will walk away. (I dont really understand your Thai brain circuit roar...)

So, tine locked in the school grass, sarawat, the most handsome guitarist in the school.

In order to get close to him, tine not only joined the sarawat fan support meeting, went to the door to block his class with a group of girls, but also joined the guitar club and tried to learn guitar.

At last, sarawat agreed after he begged again and again, on the condition that if he could stay in the selection of guitar club, he would promise to help him pretend to be his boyfriend.

As a result, of course, tine passed the test and the two began to show their love in front of green.

Although the love show is tough enough.

In order to act like a real couple, tine decides to hang out with sarawat every day.

Practicing guitar together, arranging sarawats room together, and attending the school garden party together, the relationship between the two began to become closer

If its just a fake story, it seems almost delicious here.

The authors subtlety lies in hiding the hint in the first episode, when the two meet for the first time.

Sarawats hand, always cold, shook.

It turns out that as early as a year ago, at the singers scrubb concert, sarawat fell in love with the strange tine in the crowd at first sight.

After the concert, he never saw tine again: until that day, he ran to me and called my name. At that moment, my long wait is over...

So, looking back, everything is reasonable.

All the impatience became duplicity

All the jokes have become suggestive

Love is sarawats desire when she stares at tines lips in the game of the new years party;

Its the moment you take a photo and press the shutter, looking at tine.

Its the successful smile that comes out every time I tease tine and make him explode

Its also a good night that has never been said.

Sarawat decided to take a brave step forward.

He began to change, never playing social software, he downloaded INS, although only paying attention to tine;

When tine said that he didnt like his house like a ghost house, he made the room bright;

Even try to write love songs.

In the noisy crowd, the world suddenly becomes quiet when one person listens to the songs of nine idol scrubb with one earphone.

When the lyrics say: as long as you look at me, I am satisfied.

Sarawat remembers what tine said to herself before: you know what? Scrubbs songs, when you are happy, will feel happier; if you have love in your heart, then you will feel more love.

I think I understand. Tina asked him, what do you get? Sarawat just shook her head and said, thats my business.

I like you. Its none of your business.

Although you will still pursue girls now, it doesnt matter. I will wait until the day when you understand your mind.

It has to be said that Thailand is really good at this kind of ambiguous drama.

In the dogs blood, there is a sense of discretion. Both sweetness and cruelty are restrained. Whats more, emotions are accumulated layer by layer and undercurrent surges.

Thailands BL drama market is free and relaxed, which is really enviable.

In recent years, BL plays of Thailand have successively landed in the market of our country, from one year old, trapped by love to month by month, love without expectation, the starring faces are becoming more and more valuable and the production is becoming more and more excellent.

And after sales of BL drama in Thailand is also very conscientious.

When the drama is broadcast, publicized and commercial activities are in progress, CP will surely appear in bundles and work hard.

For example, during the broadcast of the fake couple, bright and win, the two leading actors, also specially filmed the theme music MV to create momentum for the play.

If it wasnt for the impact of the epidemic, events like meetings would have been on the agenda.

This kind of meeting, the audience can often be very cheap, close contact with stars. Because of the overall fashion of Thailands entertainment circle, Thai stars are more people-friendly, and chatting, handshaking and hugging with fans are all work content. Before that, bright and win opened microblogs, which can be seen as a test of their companys future activities in China.

The advantage of such an atmosphere is that it is convenient and more equal for the audience to pursue stars.

The disadvantage is that new people replace old people very quickly, and the flowering period of each CP is very short.

This also determines the overall trend of Thai BL drama. Most of them are light and fast cookies, which can quickly catch the hearts of the target audience.

So we went back to the original topic.

Does fake couple deserve 9.2 points? If we use the same 9.2 point drama horizontal comparison, it is obviously not enough.

The logic of Thai opera has always been its hard injury. Its the same in the fake couple: when a cell phone falls, it breaks down and smashes, and drugged itself, which makes people feel like theyre joking?

All girls scream when they see sarawat, which makes people feel pompous. Lets go back to Taiwan idol drama 10 years ago.

It is also criticized that Thai opera lacks humanistic attention to LGBT groups.

It can not achieve the kind of skam series, which not only guarantees the sweetness, but also raises the works thoughts to the level of social problems, family affection and self seeking.

But for Chinese audiences, they have their own set of scoring criteria for evaluating Thai opera.

Selfie is online, with smooth rhythm, and the plot is OK without hard injury. If you can feel happy after watching it, it deserves to be called a good play.

Did you watch the play?

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