Return to work! Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing appear in Chengdu to shoot new plays and win fans popularity

 Return to work! Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing appear in Chengdu to shoot new plays and win fans popularity

Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing

The cover news reported on March 26 that Huang Xiaoming came to Kuanzhai alley in Chengdu this afternoon to shoot TV series! Brother Xiaoming, lets take a picture! Huang Xiaoming, you are so handsome! Youre very polite!

At 4:00 p.m. on March 25, Chengdu had a brilliant spring. As a result of the fight against the pneumonia epidemic, Kuanzhai alley, a famous tourist attraction in Chengdu, which has just returned to work, has become busy again. Film and television stars Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing, dressed in spring clothes and full of energy, appeared in Chengdus wide and narrow alleys to rob the location of the TV series Mr. crisis.

Since March 25, Kuanzhai alley, a famous tourist attraction in Chengdu, has been restored. Some snacks, service personnel began to wear masks to receive tourists. The handsome Huang Xiaoming has a long-term love for public welfare, dedicated to filming, and is very popular in Chengdu. When Huang Xiaoming appeared in the Kuanzhai alley of Chengdu, he was immediately sought after by tourists.

Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing return to work

Huang Xiaoming plays Lin zhongshuo in the TV drama Mr. crisis. In the process of public relations crisis, he gradually recognizes two women who have ties with him: Yuan Wei (played by Tan Zhuo) and Xu Wenwen (played by Cai Wenjing). He and Xu Wenwen (played by Cai Wenjing), who disclosed problems through self-Media and promoted social integrity, cherish each other and finally come together.

Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing

At present, the domestic epidemic situation is gradually slowing down, many enterprises are back to work, and the film and television industry is the same. Starting from March 14, Huang Xiaoming began to return to work. In recent days, Huang Xiaoming appeared at Funan River, taiguli, Kuanzhai lane and other scenic spots in Chengdu, snapping scenes for Mr. crisis.

Although the epidemic situation in Chengdu has greatly improved, the protection measures of the production team have also been put in place. Each staff member wears masks and keeps a proper distance from each other.

It is reported that Huang Xiaoming, who starred in the Spring Festival Gala, has been in Chengdu for more than four months since it was launched in November last year. After the outbreak, the production team actively responded to the call of the state, closed the production team for the first time, and the whole team stayed in the team for standby. Huang Xiaoming, a superstar, was no exception, and stayed in the hotel for more than a month in self isolation.

The cover reporter interviewed Wang Haiyi, one of the directors of the producer. He said, weve arranged Huang Xiaoming to shoot an outdoor scene in Chengdu these days, just to shoot more Sichuan elements and Chengdu features in the play.. Although I develop in Beijing, Im from Sichuan. We apply in Sichuan. We want to focus on Chengdus new image of beautiful and livable Park City, capital of Chinese culture and innovation, capital of food and fashion, international commercial city through Mr. crisis starring Huang Xiaoming, CAI Wenjing, Zhang Bo, Lin Youwei and Tan Zhuo. It also makes a little contribution to the promotion of Sichuan and Chengdu.

It is reported that the play is expected to start broadcasting in October 2020.

Source: responsible editor of cover news: Li siu nbj11322