Youth with you 2 welcome stage Lisa demonstrates dance action in person

 Youth with you 2 welcome stage Lisa demonstrates dance action in person

Lin Yujia praises the lovely combination of family and breaking the wind for being praised

In the program aired last week, Shangguan liked to choose different trainers such as Zhang Yu and Wang Xinyu to challenge relatives with totally different styles, which surprised many netizens. This time, the new x tutor has the same feeling. When he saw the lineup of family, he couldnt help but sigh to calm down. In the view of Shangguan love, no matter what kind of shape and personality of the girl, there will be her lovely side, lovely should not only have one definition. And they also did not live up to their expectations, performing a different kind of loveliness in family, which made Lin Yujia want to repeat the single and even imitate the actions of the trainees on the spot.

In tonights program, the trainees will also welcome the exclusive class of Lisa, the dance teacher. When watching the stage in the training room of the breaking wind group, Lisa pointed out precisely the position problems of the trainees, and demonstrated the dance movements in person. After her instruction, the trainees also lamented the benefits. As a boys song, how should students perform it? Under the teaching of Lisa, the performance of the trainees has been improved rapidly, even praised by Lin Yujia for being able to form a group directly. How on earth is the stage of the explosion can get such a high evaluation from teachers, tonights program will be announced.

Lin Fans strength in rap was recognized by jonyj

In this program, three groups of stage of rap position evaluation will be on the stage. In the song selection group, the students who were not selected were Wan, Qin Niu Zhengwei, Huang Yiming and so on. In the face of the situation that most members of the whole group are rap Xiaobai, Wan takes the initiative to take the blame of the team leader, and guides the team members one by one from the aspects of action, tone and tone. What kind of difficulties did she experience when she came to participate in the metamorphosis? Under her patient leadership, it is expected that the melody team can resist the Jedi attack.

In addition, the 24 Billy groups with excellent rap skills, such as Fu Jia, Jin Jiya and Zhou Ziqian, were assembled. In the center of the selection, Lin Fan became the center of Heima. At the stage acceptance stage, jonyj, who was very surprised at the centers selection, said: I can understand why they chose you as the center now after listening to their homework, which made him look forward to Lin Fans amazing performance. As the strongest combination of rap positions, can they win the first place in the rap group as they wish? And the answer will be revealed in the program.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322