In the fourteenth year of Chenghua

 In the fourteenth year of Chenghua

Refined texture presents the beauty of neutralization

The trailer released today in the fourteenth year of Chenghua highly restores the beauty of the atmosphere in the Ming Dynasty, bringing a super viewing experience. As the camera zooms around, gripping fragments of the event rush to the screen: the government pushes Tang pan to change several sets of clothes, including red and white civilian official clothes, flying fish clothes and plain clothes, which seems to indicate that his identity has changed several times, or to hide his identity for investigation. As a close friend, Wang Zhi, the general flag of Beizhen Fushi, Sui state, and the supervisor of the West seizing factory, always protects his left and right And then put doubts on the relationship between the three. Tang pan, Sui Zhou and Wang Zhi set up a cooperative foundation for the Wuan Houfu case. They will also go through different cases, such as prisoner abuse case, official silver injection lead case and so on, and the conspiracy behind this series of events will emerge.

In the preview, there were also strong actors such as Jia Jingwen, Li Liqun and Wang Maolei who were surprised to appear. Their roles were obviously with different thoughts, and their identities were difficult to distinguish. Wang Maoleis tongue licks the edge, his face is a sycophant, and his words big business, I need big moves make people feel cold. What kind of crisis will his role bring to Chenghua trio? Whether the public can break up the plot to maintain justice, what kind of fate choice they will face, and find the answer in the positive.

A new expression of witty little greedy cat met with the worst breeder qingxiqia rice drama

In addition to the tension and excitement of the notice, there is another side of light happiness and just food in the fourteenth year of Chenghua. When investigating the case, Tang pan and Sui Zhou are an iron partner with tacit understanding; in daily life, Tang pan and Sui Zhou also have the dual relationship of tenant and landlord, diner and chef, waiting for the audience to unlock the film. Sui Zhou, full of military cooking skills, not only needs to protect Tang pan in case of danger, but also needs to feed the picky witty little greedy cat in daily life. The title of the worst keeper has been locked in advance.

As the first online play of Jackie Chan and iqiyi, the comedy effect of Chenghua 14 years is also worth looking forward to. The action guide of the play is led by the family class, and the film level shooting action team is bound to bring shaking the burden like a proper smile on the visual effect. The combination of investigation, food and comedy elements also makes the 14 years of Chenghua different from the previous network drama type paradigm, light joy just rice brings a new type of expression.

April 1: lock in iqiyi, follow the delicious and delicious the 14th year of Chenghua to start the food exploration trip together!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322