South Korean 17-year-old musical actor Kim Youbin apologizes for the room n mistake

 South Korean 17-year-old musical actor Kim Youbin apologizes for the room n mistake

Netease Entertainment reported on March 26 that Kim Youbin (17), a Korean musical actor, left a message on his social platform on March 24, saying, did I watch room n? You XX prostitutes. Its said that there are 270000 prostitutes in South Korea. Are you also a prostitute? Im really afraid that I have XX nearby. Whats the difference? After falling into dispute, Jin Youbin turned his social account into a non-public one. He removed all his avatars and introductory articles and said, I did something wrong. then he uploaded the Qingwa platform petition link of please disclose the identity and photos of the suspect in room n.

Since then, Jin Youbins father said in a telephone interview with a media yesterday that Jin Youbin was suffering from human flesh search. He explained that Jin Youbin published the article in a hurry without fully understanding the tellagrann room incident, because he made mistakes when he was young. I hope you can treat him with a tolerant eye. Please consider Jin Youbins future Excessive human flesh behavior is a cruel social death sentence. Jin Youbins mother also sent an apology letter through a private twitter message. Jins mother said: I think its a sensitive period, so this kind of article is not appropriate, and asked him to withdraw the article immediately, its not to protect his son, until now, Im still making Youbin reflect..

Jin Youbin made his debut in 2013 through the opera TUSCA, and in 2014, he starred in ebs1tv childrens program Dino eating dinosaurs.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322