Five more sailors on the USS Roosevelt tested positive for the new coronavirus

 Five more sailors on the USS Roosevelt tested positive for the new coronavirus

Roosevelt, located in the Philippine Sea, is the only aircraft carrier on duty in East Asia. It is not clear whether the surge will affect the carriers subsequent deployment, after the US Navy Secretary said the outbreak will not affect carrier deployment..

U.S. Navy carrier Roosevelt (Center), dock landing ship Green Bay (left) and amphibious assault ship (right) in South China Sea exercise map source: usni

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in 5 new naval vessels in March 26th, which means that the number of confirmed cases increased to 8, according to a report from the US Capitol Hill website on March 26th.

Four of the eight crew members who are currently infected have been airlifted to hospitals at Guam base for treatment and the remaining four will be taken off the carrier, the report quoted us navy officials as saying. Sailors who have been exposed to these confirmed cases are also quarantined.

For a 5000 person aircraft carrier, the Nimitz class aircraft carrier has an intensive care unit (ICU) with three beds and a ward with about 50 beds, which can meet the hospital isolation requirements and even treatment needs of a small number of sailors.

Previously, according to usnnews on March 24, Acting Secretary of the U.S. Navy Thomas mordley confirmed on March 24 that three sailors on the U.S. Navys Roosevelt aircraft carrier (cvn-71) carrying out tasks in the Philippine Sea had positive detection of the new coronavirus. This is novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by novel coronavirus pneumonia on the sea duty vessel for the first time. It is also the first confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in US aircraft carrier.

In addition to the Roosevelt aircraft carrier, other major U.S. naval vessels may also have new crown outbreaks. The U.S. Navy said Tuesday it is working to increase the number of tests carried out by its crew, especially on large, heavily manned deck ships. At present, many surface ships, such as the amphibious attack ship America and the flagship ship Blue Ridge of the seventh fleet, have also begun to accept the detection of the new crown epidemic.

Roosevelt is the only aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy on duty in the Indo Pacific region. Roosevelt left San Diegos home port in January, headed for the Western Pacific Ocean, and arrived in the Asia Pacific region in mid February. On March 5, 15 days ago, the carrier visited Danang, Vietnam. On March 15, the 9th U.S. Navy carrier strike team, mainly Theodore Roosevelt, conducted joint training with the amphibious attack ship of the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea.

It is not clear whether the surge in the number of confirmed cases will affect the continued deployment of FDR. Before March 24, mordley had not forgotten to boast that FDR would not be affected by the epidemic and would continue to carry out its mission. This is an example of our ability to keep our ships at sea, even in the case of newly confirmed cases, mordley said

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