The Ministry of national defense: Chinese army and foreign army join hands to fight the epidemic

 The Ministry of national defense: Chinese army and foreign army join hands to fight the epidemic

Reporter: novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading worldwide. Has the Chinese military provided medical material assistance to foreign defense departments and forces so far?

Ren Guoqiang: novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading and spreading rapidly in many countries abroad. While making every effort to win the national epidemic prevention and control interdiction war, China actively participates in international cooperation in the fight against epidemic diseases and provides assistance to relevant countries and international organizations within its capabilities. This is not only Chinas international responsibility, but also conducive to consolidating the early anti epidemic achievements.

At the military level, as of March 26, at the request of the Iranian and Cambodian military, the Chinese military provided the Iranian armed forces with nucleic acid test kits, protective clothing and disposable surgical masks on March 19, and sent the military anti epidemic medical expert group to Cambodia on March 24 with a batch of epidemic prevention and control materials and equipment to assist in epidemic prevention. We will also provide epidemic prevention assistance to the armed forces of the relevant countries within our capabilities in accordance with the development and change of the epidemic situation.

Together with the green mountains, bear the wind and rain.. In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the whole human race is a fate shared by fate. Only by mutual support and cooperation can the dawn of victory come faster. We will not forget the anti epidemic material assistance provided by foreign troops and international organizations to China at the time of the most serious epidemic in China. The Chinese military will always adhere to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, continue to strengthen international cooperation in anti epidemic with the military forces of other countries, resist the impact of the epidemic with practical actions, jointly safeguard international health and safety, and work together to build a community of human health.

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