Huachenyus minimalist duplex mansion is well decorated with a TV of 600000 yuan

 Huachenyus minimalist duplex mansion is well decorated with a TV of 600000 yuan

Hua Chenyus simple compound mansion in Beijing is well exposed and decorated, with a TV of 600000 yuan

Recently, in the variety show the year when singers play, Hua Chenyu invited his good friend Zuo Li to help in the performance, and Hua Chenyus mansion was also exposed. In the program, we can see that huachenyus mansions are basically white, and the living room is a simple storage cabinet with a fireplace embedded. Furniture is also relatively simple, only a few cushions and lazy sofa, there is a marble material tea table.

However, kawss new kawsxngv co named gone companion doll on the table last year attracted the attention of the household monarch. In fact, Huahua will also post some photos of her own home on her microblog. To be sure, there are not only a group of kaws dolls in her family, but also such precious decorations on the terrace. Huahua is really rich and willful.

In fact, Huahua in another variety show we live together, has also exposed his own luxury house. It can be seen that the house is at least a two-story compound building, and the revolving stairs look very design oriented. Large area glass design is adopted on the wall, which can better introduce outdoor light.

Although huahuajia seems to have simple decoration, the cost of decoration is not necessarily cheap. For example, the TV wall exposed by Huahua has caused a lot of hot discussion. There are fans out, this TV should be 60 million, and the next record player should be 23 million. People cant help sighing about the gold absorption ability of flowers.

And recently, I have been fascinated by the flowers of cooking, and sometimes I will bask in the meals I make at home, and the price of these tableware picked up by some netizens is at least one or two in case. Its really poverty limited imagination.

From the decoration of Huahuas home, we can see his exquisite taste. Want to know more about his family? Then click the atlas below!