Return to work: the man ran 600 miles at high speed and turned off the engine, only to find that he didnt bring the car key

 Return to work: the man ran 600 miles at high speed and turned off the engine, only to find that he didnt bring the car key

On the afternoon of March 13, song Lichao, a key and auxiliary policeman of the 10th detachment of Henan high speed traffic police, saw that the traffic was slow at 624 kilometers in the area under supervision, and drove to the scene immediately. He found that an off-road vehicle stopped at the overtaking lane at 625 kilometers in the North, causing vehicles in the rear to slow down and detour.

The police immediately asked about the situation. The original owners family of seven was going to start from Xiayi to return to work in Xinjiang. But they found that they carelessly left the car key at home after the car stalled. At this time, the gearbox was locked and the car could not be started, so they had to stop on the highway.

The driver was sweating and panicked for a while. More and more vehicles honked their horns at the back of the road. The police immediately push the car to the emergency Lane together, set up warning signs, and dispatch the obstacle removal vehicles parked 3 km away from the scene to carry out rescue quickly, and immediately guide other vehicles to avoid road congestion.

Finally, the faulty car was dragged down the highway smoothly, waiting for the owners family to send the key; the police removed an accident safety hazard in time, and restored the safety and smoothness of the expressway in the jurisdiction.

Some netizens will ask, how can I leave without a key? Why doesnt the car call the police?

In fact, this is the one key start function of the vehicle. There are many people who have forgotten to take this high-tech smart key. Now many vehicles have the function of one key start. Many parts of the car body are equipped with equipment to receive signals. You can drive away without a key, but the performance of different models is not the same. However, most vehicles will give a prompt when the key cannot be detected, and some even turn off the engine within a few kilometers.

The cost of forgetting to take the key is a little high. Please read it in your heart before you go out every day: Cell Phone Wallet Key is the same!

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