194 to support the withdrawal of Hubei medical team, and 139 of them still adhere to the first line of Wuhan treatment

 194 to support the withdrawal of Hubei medical team, and 139 of them still adhere to the first line of Wuhan treatment

On the 20th, the Shaanxi medical team returned to see them off by medical comrades and volunteers from the nine hospitals in Qingshan District

Since March 17, the medical teams in Hubei Province have been evacuated one after another, with more than 1000 to 3000 evacuees per day. According to Jiao Yahui, all the medical teams supporting the rescue work of the shelter hospital have been evacuated, but Wuhan is still the key city to help the medical team. At present, the patients with severe and critical diseases are being concentrated in the designated hospitals with better medical conditions for treatment, so as to promote the recovery of normal medical order in the city. At the same time, with the optimized allocation of medical resources, a large number of medical team workers have been assisted in Hubei The staff will also complete the rescue task and evacuate in an orderly manner. By the end of the month, it is expected that there will be a peak return of the support medical teams.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in Wuhan are still receiving more than 3700 treatment in hospitals, of which more than 1300 are critically ill or critically ill. In principle, the evacuation of the medical team in Hubei Province is light first, then heavy. The medical personnel who are responsible for the treatment of light patients should evacuate first after completing the task; the medical personnel who are responsible for the treatment of severe patients should evacuate later.

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan, the medical staff of Hubei Province and Hubei Province went retrograde to fight against the disease. As the situation of epidemic prevention and control gradually improved and the order of urban production and life gradually recovered, the medical teams of Hubei Province began to evacuate in an orderly manner, and the people cheered off in tears, and their hometown was welcomed with the highest ceremony.

The central guidance group attaches great importance to the withdrawal of the medical team, and the central guidance group, such as the supervision group, the treatment group, the security group, and the public security group, has set up special teams to coordinate and promote all work.

In order to ensure the orderly evacuation of the medical teams in Hubei Province, the party committees and governments of Hubei Province and all over the country, as well as the departments of public security, transportation, development and reform, industry and information technology, civil aviation, railway, post and other departments, have carefully organized and carefully arranged, the enterprises in relevant industries have provided warm service and thoughtful guarantee, and the masses have spontaneously welcomed and thanked heroes and warmly welcomed them, which is a touching scene.

According to reports, as of April 24, in order to ensure the return of the medical team members, 731 vehicles and 132 chartered flights were dispatched. The railway department added special carriages for medical staff to express their thanks with meticulous and thoughtful services; the airport and airlines also launched a series of warm heart services to prepare hot and dry noodles for them to taste, and special memorial boarding pass for aiding Hubei and anti epidemic for them.

The cavalry starts the road and guards the whole journey. The local public security organs pay homage to the most beautiful rebels and soldiers in white with the highest courtesy, the deepest respect, the best image and the strongest guard.

In order to evacuate the soldiers in white clothes in light clothes, the business outlets in Shunfeng, Hubei Province started the return luggage delivery service for the medical team in Hubei Province from March 14.