I didnt expect that the words shredded pork with green pepper would make people cry

 I didnt expect that the words shredded pork with green pepper would make people cry

On February 18, there were few people in Wuhan railway station. A man walked in the station.

Shredded pork with green pepper

New comers are not familiar with the place of life. They can only rely on their colleagues and friends in Wuhan to provide help and gradually carry out their work.

Before I came here, I set myself several directions, one of which is to contact, understand and photograph the lives of ordinary people under the epidemic as much as possible.

Volunteers are undoubtedly an indispensable force to help people lead a relatively normal life in the epidemic.

I have interviewed many volunteers successively. They have different personalities and have different reasons for volunteering. But they can feel selflessness, love and sincerity without exception. There are not too many grand ideals and beliefs, only ordinary people quietly pay and adhere to.

On March 7, at the three strings and four seasons restaurant in Wuhan, Xiao Jing, the owners mother, wept when she talked about the origin of her volunteer service.

Xiao Jing, who was born in Wuhan, is the owner of a kebab shop that closed just days after its trial operation. She told me a story about shredded pork with green peppers.

At the beginning of Wuhans closure, she joined the volunteer team set up by her friends to find various materials for some hospitals. Later, through other volunteers, she learned that the 120 emergency medical staff in a hospital in Wuhan could not get food on time because of irregular working hours. The paramedics told her on the phone that they would like to have a real hot meal instead of a self heating pot.

Xiao Jing is still a little uncertain about the needs of the medical staff, so she casually asked, can I serve you such dishes as shredded pork with green pepper? There was an excited voice on the other end of the phone: can we have shredded pork with green pepper? Xiao Jing told me that she immediately had a feeling that it was a sin to eat at home.

Later, she decided to transform her barbecue shop with only one frying pan into a canteen for caring volunteers, providing free hot box meals for medical staff, the elderly, migrant workers and other volunteers working in Wuhan.

After the interview, Xiao Jing must let me taste their love box rice. The chef just fried shredded pork with green pepper. Green peppers are fresh and tender, with lots of shredded meat. Its delicious with hot rice.


On March 9, with the last group of 34 patients coming out of Jianghan fangcang hospital, Jianghan fangcang hospital, which has the most open beds, the largest number of patients admitted and the largest number of patients discharged, officially closed after 34 days of operation.

This afternoon, my colleagues and I set out early and arrived at Jianghan square cabin before the rest ceremony. At this time, the members of the medical team came to the square of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center where Jianghan square cabin is located. They either put on protective clothing to enter the square cabin and stand for the last post, or take photos for souvenirs. On their faces, the most expression they saw was smile.

On March 9, in Wuhan Jianghan square cabin, Liu Fang, a medical worker who came to take part in the off-duty ceremony, waved the national flag, and left tape on her face to prevent her face from being pressed too deep.

Contact the person in charge of the rest ceremony in advance. I understand that the last 34 patients will be discharged after the ceremony. Therefore, after the short rest ceremony, I rushed to the patients hatch and waited for the scene of the patient leaving the hospital. This is the last batch of patients discharged from Jianghan shelter. I hope I can take a picture of the last patient leaving the shelter and the status of all the staff in the shelter after the patient leaves. If I can take a picture of the final closing of the shelter exit, it will be more typical.

This is the last cured patient (former) who left Jianghan fangcang hospital on March 9.

On March 9, Zeng ya, a nurse from Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, stood at the exit of Jianghan shelter hospital, waving the national flag to celebrate the shelter of the shelter hospital.

On March 9, after the last cured patient left, the roller shutter door at the exit of the cured patient of Jianghan shelter hospital slowly lowered, and the last doctor of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital who left the shelter hospital (the first on the left) bowed to the people.

On March 10, the last two shelter hospitals, Wuchang shelter, the first shelter hospital in Wuhan, and Jiangxia shelter, which is mainly treated by traditional Chinese medicine, were officially closed.

On the evening of March 9, I came to Wuchang fangcang hospital and recorded the last night of this fangcang hospital.

On March 9th evening, novel coronavirus pneumonia was seen in the cabin of Wuchangs shelter hospital. She wanted to find her own picture of the new crown of pneumonia patients and medical personnel.

On the evening of March 9, Wang Wenyang, a doctor of Hubei peoples Hospital, finished his last night shift in the shelter and lay down on an empty hospital bed for a short rest.

On the evening of March 9, Hu Pei, a member of Jiangxi medical team, inspected the rest of the patients after the lights were turned off at Wuchang fangcang hospital.

In March 10th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was recovered in the last batch of 49 new crown pneumonia patients in Hongshan Wuchang gymnasium hospital. The first shelter hospital in Wuhan, the Wuchang shelter hospital, was officially suspended for 35 days. The shelter hospital, novel coronavirus pneumonia, played a key role in the critical period of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia in Wuhan, and successfully completed its historic mission. In the shelter, patients dance, play chess and take photos with medical staff; outside the shelter, there is a strong feeling of farewell.

In March 10th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in Wuchang shelter hospital invited the members of the Qinghai medical team to dance together.

In March 10th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia patient (right) and Ma Zhenhua medical team member of Wuchang were playing the chess board and chess pieces of Qinghai medical team with the homemade checkerboard and chess pieces in Gobang hospital in the city of Wuchang.

In March 10th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was washed out in Liu Ya, Wuchang, Xiangya No.2 Hospital, Central South University. Liu Yas protective clothing says xiange family is close to each other

On March 10, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University recognized the last patient who recovered from the cabin (before) when leaving Wuchang fangcang hospital returned to salute the medical staff who sent him.

On March 10, after the closing ceremony of Wuhan fangcang hospital held in Wuchang fangcang hospital, the members of Jiangxi Medical Aid Team in Hubei made a sign of victory.

A farewell

On March 17, some medical teams in Hubei started to evacuate in an orderly manner.

In Wuhan railway station, I photographed several medical teams evacuating in succession. From afternoon to night, with the change of light outside the window, I waited for the moment I expected to appear.

On March 17, the seeing off people gave the medical team thumbs up.

On March 17, at Wuhan railway station, a medical staff of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University who was about to leave Wuhan on the high-speed rail train gave a thumbs up to the crowd outside the window, and also to her.

On March 17, at Wuhan railway station, members of the national emergency medical rescue team of Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, who are about to leave Wuhan by high-speed rail, stood at the window to enjoy the sunset.

During the interview these days, the faces of the medical team members were covered by masks, goggles and so on. I almost never saw their true faces.

I think people must also be curious about what these most beautiful retrograde angels look like?

So I prepared several photos of the working scene of the medical staff that I had taken before, and tried to get in touch with them. I photographed the portraits of them after taking off their masks for a short time in their station and the railway station that is about to leave.

After a month in Wuhan, I occasionally ask myself: if one day I finish reporting and will leave here, what will be my most unforgettable memory? What would be the most memorable item in my luggage?

With such questions, I came to the national emergency medical rescue team of Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University. Before they were about to return to Hunan, I interviewed some members of the team, asked them to talk about their most precious memories of Wuhan, and took a group photo of the most unforgettable luggage, the most memorable memories of Wuhan.

Lu Liang, a digestive physician, cleans up a pair of trousers he has worn at the national emergency medical rescue team of Xiangya Second Hospital, Central South University. Because of the frequent use of disinfectant to soak and wash, the pants have partially faded, showing a unique pattern. This pair of pants is the most memorable memory of Wuhan among the luggage he took away.

It has been more than a month since I came to Han Dynasty. I have witnessed the completion of the historic mission of fangcang hospital, the evacuation of some medical teams, the absence of new confirmed cases in Hubei for several consecutive days, and I have experienced many complex emotions such as anxiety and excitement. My mind has gradually returned to peace and I have gained more than some photos.

The cherry blossom in Wuhan has opened, and the bright future is ahead. Only settle down, record hard and wait for the city to open.

On February 29, Xinhua News Agency reporter Shen Bohan (right) interviewed disinfection workers at South China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan.