Aunt Xu vs beautiful room: the romance of middle-aged people is just one room, two people, three meals and four seasons

 Aunt Xu vs beautiful room: the romance of middle-aged people is just one room, two people, three meals and four seasons


In settling down, its not just selling houses. It also talks about the emotional story of middle-aged people. The representative characters are aunt Xu (Xu Wenchang) and Fang Sijin. Ha, thirty is middle-aged. This youth cant stand to be wasted. Aunt Xu is a divorcee, even if the fake divorce is also a divorce certificate. Anyway, Zhang Cheng is not the operator of the children in his belly. In principle, aunt Xu is single. Fang Sijin claims to be single mother and child for many years. She has no time and energy to yearn for love and marriage. Its not bad to be able to live hard. Other people have no time to think.


There was a romantic meeting between the two. The sudden heavy rain made Fang Sijin know aunt Xu. From that time on, the man has made ripples in his heart. Its just that Aunt Xu is a stranger. When I came to Jingyi store, aunt Xu could not recognize Fang Sijin, but she suddenly looked back, but the man was in front of her. Here alone, its a mess of romance. But that show, the two really established a relationship. It should also be such a result, but the romance of middle-aged people is touched by some heartache.


Then there are three meals a day. Only breakfast and dinner are seen in settle in. Lunch, of course, is also to be eaten, but it seems to be ignored. Breakfast and dinner are basically carefully prepared by Aunt Xu. For the one you love, washing your hands for soup is not limited to women. You see, the real star chefs are still men. What does this mean? The kitchen is always your home as long as you like. Take care of each others mood and stomach. Its not just a womans obligation. At least the house is so beautiful that its hard to eat. Aunt Xu, youd better come.


Four seasons, its not 365 days a year. Its not only time passing and season changing that can come from winter to spring day by day and year by year. Also, the emotional accumulation. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) just like aunt Xu and Fang, their love is not so vigorous. But so simple, but there is a kind of warmth in the pulse transmission. Everything comes naturally, not demanding, not urgent - once slow, slow enough to love one person in a lifetime. When you are middle-aged, you will know more about what you care about and what you need to pay attention to. Because of love, so love.


One room, two people, three meals, four seasons, middle-aged people can also be very romantic in love. Who says no?