Love that fits in one time can also be split in one time

 Love that fits in one time can also be split in one time

This is the interest between men. Its natural to discuss which girl has a stronger chest and whose buttocks are more cocky.

Dont think its lustful. More often, its just a way of communication. Theres no difference between discussing with women which make-up of Lancome and LOreal is better.

In short, its a very casual thing, so casual that you can admit frankly that you want to have sex with a girl, and will not pay feelings and take responsibility for it. Generally speaking, it has a fashionable name, which is about cannon.

Whether you admit it or not, the world is using fast food methods to solve all life problems, including sex and love.


Mr. Mu Xin wrote in formerly slow, once slow, cars, horses and mail are slow, only enough to love one person in ones life, and now everything is fast. From Dalian to Shanghai, 2254 kilometers away, its only 90 minutes by plane; before things broke, repair and repair can be used again, and now even change boyfriend and girlfriend, just like changing clothes, I even met a couple, just because of washing The clothes in the clothes machine didnt go out to dry in time, so they broke up decisively.

So, what makes people so impetuous?

My friend, Lei Lei, told me on the phone that when she was in love again, I was surprised and couldnt help wondering, didnt you just break up with that person last month?

Leilei smiled. You said it was last month. Its brand new and unopened. Would you like to have a meal together?

Its hard to be gracious. The relationship between Leilei and her new boyfriend during the dinner is like a couple who have been together for two or three years. They are so familiar with each others loving actions that they need you to feed me and feed you.

Seriously, people like me, who are 25 years old and dont have a girlfriend, are really surprised.

Maybe theres love at first sight in the world, but I see more of it in two beats.


Although my parents often quarrel, but I will envy them, envy their past, envy their love. 30 years of ups and downs, all the way to snuggle up, occasionally look at their young photos, also want to have their pure feelings.

In their parents time, men wore V-necked knitted sweaters, while women wore lotus leaf heads. Without Haagen Dazs or dev, just a cream popsicle, they could be very happy. But they love very solid, in their hearts, there is a love belief that they will never change, from one to the end.

Their vows are real ones. They are not used to make girls happy. Their love words are wrinkled. They sound more like recitation, but they are always touching.

Its not like now, ask casually, about it? Then it can lead to a flash of love.

Just like Leilei and her boyfriend, they dont even have a sense of love ceremony, so they directly enter the theme. If I say they live together half a month later, you must be surprised, but in fact, in this world, there are many people who just go to bed first.

So, its no surprise. Slowly we get familiar with the rhythm. More often, we just skip the steps and go straight to the results. The boy will ask, are you an only child? Yes, lets get married. Girls care more. Do you have a room? What about cars? If there are any, I will marry you! Simple and direct, no temperature.

There are a lot of love or marriage, just because of such factors, its just like going to the vegetable market to buy a few onions and a few Jin of tomatoes. Nowadays, young men and women are lack of awe for love.

In the second month, she broke up with her new boyfriend, which, of course, was consistent with her previous frequency. You cant blame her. You cant blame her by moral standards. Shes young and needs the nourishment of love and capital to squander.

Just, we cant help but sigh that love is not reliable after all, because it can also be split up and never meet again.

I always believe that love needs time to witness. All vows and love words, if not polished in life, are jokes. Thats probably why I cant find my girlfriend, I think. But I will insist, because in my heart, there is a hero dream about love.

I will take my parents as an example, meet a white head, choose a city to grow old, let the years be desolate, the world is scribbled, still stick to the original intention.