Ajie: comedian of joy: why does he play Chinese comedy as a foreigner?

 Ajie: comedian of joy: why does he play Chinese comedy as a foreigner?

If you dont set limits on yourself, there will be no barriers in your life that limit your performance.


A young man from the corner of northeast America

Its seven years since Ajax came to Beijing. Hes not here to teach English.

Instead, he came to China with a scholarship from the United States to speak crosstalk and perform a talk show.

Ajax, a post-90s talk show actor, calls himself a northeast man, but he is actually a Boston man from the northeast of the United States.

He had a passion for talk shows and Improvisations since he was a child. In high school, he learned Chinese out of his interest in language.

Once upon a time, he came on stage to do impromptu performances. He was able to do it easily. His humorous and grotesque performances won the applause and cheers of his classmates. He felt very good and did not feel nervous at all.

From then on, he entered the pit of exploring humor.

At the age of 21, Jesse, who majored in East Asian Studies at the University of bladders

With Fulbright scholarship, I went to China to study Chinese humor.

This excited him to come to China to study Chinese crazily. At the same time, learn the ancient comic form of cross talk from Ding Guangquan, a cross talk actor.

After the project, he stayed in Beijing.

Because he is attracted by cross talk, and he is not satisfied with the form of cross talk. Keen, he realized that the American talk show in China was just in its infancy, but it had a vigorous force.

Chinese audiences dont know about talk shows. They are curious. And Jesse wants to do something about it.

He is determined to stay here and become a cross-cultural comedian.,

Perform talk shows and impromptu comedies in Chinese with Beijing accent.

In 2017, he founded the China US comedy center in a small quadrangle in Beijings second ring Hutong, where he can see both Chinese and English speaking talk shows, improvisational comedies and traditional crosstalk.

Every Friday and Saturday night, American humor collides with Chinese audiences and bursts into laughter.

(Jessie and his teacher Ding Guangquan perform together at the China US theatre center in Beijing)


Love to eat strange taste eggplant, gradually accept and identify with Chinese culture

Two sesame pancakes have been his habit for breakfast. There is a restaurant near the comedy center that he often patronizes. The crisp and tasty eggplant is his favorite.

He said that Chinese food is especially good at making eggplant. Every time family and friends come to China to play, he will definitely take them to taste this dish.

The year before last, his brother once came to China and tasted roast duck hot pot and other delicacies accompanied by him, but he only remembered the strange taste eggplant and asked for another one before coming.

Ejie thinks that the Spring Festival is a very special festival, which belongs to all Chinese people, without cultural and religious background and regional differences.

During the Spring Festival, everyone around will choose to go home and get together with their families. There is no traffic jam at all, because the whole street is empty.

Just like the Spring Festival, a unique festival for Chinese people, ajcey has an exploration and recognition attitude towards Chinese culture.

He is exploring and excavating a form of expression that can integrate Chinese and Western culture. It is crosstalk or talk show.


Obsessed with comedy, determined to use laughter to close the gap between China and foreign countries

When people talk about his comedy career, hell talk. He first pointed out a common misunderstanding of Chinese audiences:

Talk shows are actually more similar to talk shows (such as the famous Allen Show), while the talk shows that Chinese audiences generally believe should be classified as stand-up comedies.

Chinese audiences know little about American comedies, unlike the cross talk with a long history, maybe only two minutes after seeing it, they already know whether it is a good cross talk..

But Jesse didnt think it was a bad thing. At first, he decided to stay in China to develop his talk show career, which is to see the infinite possibilities in this blank.

At that time, the mature art form of stand up comedy in Europe and America just came to China. The total number of talk show actors in Beijing may not be more than seven or eight.

And ejie believes that he can contribute to the development of this circle.

Today, there are 20 talk shows in Beijing at the same time every night. American comedies are no longer in the state of no ones attention, but ejie has more to think about.

But the experience of ajisee thinks that they have much more in common than in difference, because the internal logic of humor is actually the same.


In the face of humor, nationality is just a piece of paper

For comedy, nationality is not important, but whether the audience has similar life experience is important; because the essence of comedy is about life, and the core of human life is the same.

When she stepped on the stage of China talent show, she said she wanted to pull in the distance between China and foreign countries with laughter, not just a label like the best foreigner on Chinese talk show.

Gathering people from different cultural backgrounds and using their creativity to build and share the common humor core in their lives is his biggest vision of establishing the Chinese and American Drama Center.

Kung Fu is not inferior to those who have a heart. His efforts on the road of pulling the distance between China and foreign countries with laughter are slowly rewarded.

On December 21, 2019, ejie was named as the 2019 global character of first intention u00b7 Hello 2020. The speech the program read to him is as follows:

In the field of culture and art, the more national treasure, the more world treasure. Guest Jesse traveled all over the world just because she fell in love with Chinese crosstalk.

Pizza Hut in the United States is like Chinas Shaxian snacks, and Americans eat steamed buns with knives and forks. he joked about the differences between Chinese and foreign food cultures, describing them appropriately, and drawing applause.

Not only that, during the current outbreak, he also donated 10000 US dollars to Wuhan for the public benefit talk show in Boston. Love without borders, he did it.

Many people will use the stereotype of Chinese and Western culture to make jokes, which ejie laughs off.

Ejie, a 7-year-old North drifter, identifies with Chinese culture, and uses laughter to close the distance between China and foreign countries.

He has found many like-minded partners and is optimistic about the future of Chinese comedy. This is a hot land full of possibilities, a place where dreams can be created.

From learning Chinese word by word to switching from Erhua voice to half of the old Beijing at any time, from being unable to afford a quadrangle to receiving a commercial performance slowly, from being interested in comedy to taking comedy as a career to strive for all ones life,

From the audience in hutongli 7 to the stage of happy comedian, from the unknown foreigner to the selected global characters, from curious about Chinese culture to determined to close the gap between China and foreign countries, ejace has been working hard.

Through her own efforts, she hopes to narrow the gap between different cultures with comedy, so that more people can bridge the gap and understand each other.


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