Dont be a fool for a woman

 Dont be a fool for a woman

These three months she had a hard time. She lost her job, was in debt, had a hangover on the street, or cried until dawn. There are many 2:30 am, she also sent me a message to ask why life is so difficult.

I dont know how to comfort her. Some people can only redeem themselves. But I know that even if at this moment she jumped from the sky and threw away all the troubles of the world, Lin Yifan will not come back to her.

Some love, missed is a lifetime. Let you cry, let you die, lost, is lost. The only thing we can do is to clean up our mood, and then start to wait for the wound to heal slowly in time.


When everyone mentions Jiang Caiwei, they cant help thumbing up, and the words of praise are never stingy. Indeed, before she met Lin Yifan, she was almost a model for women in the new era. Independence, intelligence, pursuit, dream, beautiful appearance makes many people envy.

When she was in college, she was the most influential person in our department. She won the grand prize for Piano and danced very well. Its no exaggeration to say that the person who chased her at that time could row from the school library to the canteen.

Wisdom is like Jiang Caiwei, who is stupid in love. When she was 24 years old, she met Lin Yifan for the first time. She fell in love with each other at first sight, and then saw the bed. Almost all of her friends advised her not to be too impulsive. Lin Yifan was a little frivolous, and it was better to have more time to test.

Jiang Caiwei doesnt listen. She wants to be with Lin Yifan like a devil.

In fact, it cant blame her. Falling in love means falling in love. Whats the way? We are all young, have committed silly, even if it is a moth fire love, but also for this catastrophe and burning their own.

We are also in these injuries, slowly learning to grow up.


The sweetness of love makes Jiang Caiwei lose herself. She is willing to be a virtuous girlfriend and hopes to be his wife in the future. Therefore, she began to take care of him in her life and gave up the chance to go abroad for further study.

Instead of dancing, she went into the kitchen. Instead of playing the piano, she took care of the housework. She began to be happy with her nine to five life. She was tired of being around him every day and enjoyed the love feast that had not yet been finished.

But people are like this. The better you treat them, the less they care about them. They are even proud of them. They have a sense of superiority. So Lin Yifan is not good for her, just some superficial care.

Of course, this is enough for Jiang Caiwei, who is deeply in love. A little sweetness can make her happy.

In this way, after two years together, they began to quarrel. Most of the time, it was because of Lin Yifans love affair outside. Jiang Caiwei is not afraid of anything. It doesnt matter if she suffers from hardship, but she is afraid of losing him.

Once a person has something to fear, he will give in, so slowly, Jiang Caiwei also retreats for the second place, thinking, let him wave outside, its good to find the way home, sooner or later he will mature, knowing that he is the best person in the world.

However, Jiang Caiwei didnt wait for Lin Yifans consciousness, instead, Lin Yifan broke up first. The reason is very simple, also very clear, do not drag water at all. He said Im sorry. Im in love with someone else. Lets get here.

Then he left. Without any explanation or apology, its as peaceful as taking a box of chocolate from a supermarket shelf.


Jiang Caiwei is in agony after her lovelorn love. She doesnt know how things can become like this. Even if Lin Yifan betrays her, she is still reviewing whether she has done well enough.

I believe that there are many Jiang Caiwei and many Lin Yifan in the world. Experience is life. We came to this world from the war and never thought of going with the wind and the water for a lifetime. However, some people can learn from the tribulation, and some people are depressed from then on.

Unfortunately, Jiang Caiwei did the latter. After losing her love, she quit her job and borrowed money from her friends when she didnt have the money to pay the rent. Living like a ghost doesnt look like a ghost.

So good youth, so good time, but because of a wrong feeling, and was wasted. Who can blame?

Psychologically, there are two basic criteria for judging a persons maturity. First, we can find our own position in the society. Second, our feelings are not easy to be hurt. By this standard, Jiang Caiwei is still very naive.

The earth has no one, will turn the same, sad can not die, everything will slowly pass. It doesnt matter if we meet people badly. Lets raise our heads and chest to make ourselves a better person first. When you live a wonderful life, you will meet a better love.

So, dont be silly again, good girl, youre so good, dont let yourself be ruined emotionally. There are many things in the world that you have to do well.