Tong Liya is scolded, Luo Jin is popular, the truth behind is very interesting.

 Tong Liya is scolded, Luo Jin is popular, the truth behind is very interesting.

The popular TV series in the near future should be settling in and perfect relationship.

Although these two plays are very popular, they are not high-quality plays. The former is about the impulse to turn off the TV when I finish off intermittently, while the latter is about to abandon the play when I catch up with half of them.

But I also found some interesting phenomena reflected in these two TV plays.

I wrote perfect relationship briefly before, saying that Jiang Dalin is the most dissuasive role in Tong Liyas acting career. Her good feelings accumulated by Chen Sicheng in the past two years have all been consumed.

After all, I make complaints about female celebrities, so I started to get ready for being scolded. Who knows in the comment, everybody is saying, really, Jiang Dalin is too angry, Tong Liya this wave is scolded not unjustly.

Later, I continued to write several reviews of settling in, one of which is about Aunt Xu played by Luo Jin. I said that Aunt Xu is a very smart person, not the virgin white lotus at first.

Similarly, I am still ready to be scolded. In the result review, everyone said, yes, yes, aunt Xu is very smart, but I like him very much. Thank goodness, the protagonist is not silly Bai Tian at last.

It makes me feel very interesting.

Moreover, the screenwriter is also very old-fashioned in shaping Jiang Dalin, that is, how innocent, how weak, how to come without personnel.

In a word, Jiang Dalin should be portrayed as a strange woman who is the most stupid and painful in the world.

So, although Jiang Dalin is a working woman shell, but the essence is marisu.

Next, lets go back to Aunt Xu in settle down. At the end of the play, I believe many people can feel that although Sun Li is more famous, aunt Xu played by Luo Jin is the first soul character in the whole plot.

Aunt Xus personal design, does it have marisus side?

Yes, there are.

For example, aunt Xus family background and the last period when he had to arrange reconciliation with his father were very good at catching horses.

But aunt Xus personality is obviously more realistic. The author is not afraid to show the complicated aspects of others nature.

For example, I divorced Zhang Cheng on leave and took advantage of legal loopholes to save some money in order to have a set of purchase qualifications.

As well, its a real marisu man. I cant help Zhang Chengcheng to raise children for others after they are born. But aunt Xu doesnt. He just wants to live his life with Fang Sijin. He doesnt want to be involved with Zhang Chengcheng at all. So the children should ignore it and the house should come back.

Aunt Xu is a person who can not only drill legal loopholes with her ex-wife, but also make good use of the law and her ex-wife in court.

There are many other shrewdness of aunt Xu. For example, at the beginning, she was hard to grasp the house, and dared to overtly surpass the customers she didnt like, such as Lin Maogen.

You can see peoples seven emotions and six desires in aunt Xus staffing.

However, there seems to be no moral flaw in jiangdalins personal establishment.

But in the end, Tong Liya was scolded, while Luo Jin became popular, which made me reflect on several issues:

First, the times have changed. Our audience has made progress for a long time.

What our audience wants to see is more complex, more real, more responsive to reality, more resonant, and more thoughtful plots and human settings.

Compared with the perfect heroine, those normal people who have flaws and flash points, but who are careful but really live, can more arouse the good feelings of the audience.

But many actors and screenwriters have not yet turned around and still try to fool the audience with the routines that made them successful.

This is a very labor-saving operation, with the cheapest strokes to get the maximum flow.

But audiences are no longer buying. Lets not talk about the three views of creators. There is no doubt that we are in an era where only serious can lead.


Whether its in the workplace or in our normal social life, the most competitive advantage of a person is to be professional and responsible and not to cause trouble to others.

Whats the most annoying thing about Jiang Dalin is that her brain is really hard to use. As a president, in the field of public relations, what cant be done? Her professional quality is basically zero, and she always likes to kidnap emotion and morality.

How to say, Jiang Dalin is especially like the kind of boss that we meet in the workplace who comes here on the air but has no ability. You always think shes in the way.

But aunt Xu and Fang Sijin, although human nature is not perfect, why not bother people? The most important point is that you will feel very relaxed when dealing with such people.

Aunt Xus business ability and team management and control ability are very strong. What about other peoples little desire? She never drops the chain at the critical moment and can take everyone off. This is the business.

We are in a world of great integration. People have built a chain with each other. Each of us is like the part of the bicycle chain. Our requirements for ourselves and others have become: no trouble, no backwardness.

It is a common demand and a fact of the times to put the right people in the right place and let the real capable people give full play to their own light and heat.

Professional reliability is more important than emotion.

So, its normal for a heroine like Jiang Dalin to be scolded when shes doing something, and the audience cant rush into the TV to break up with Jiang Dalin, so Tong Liya, who plays her, wont be scolded.

So, Luo Jin, who plays aunt Xu, gets a lot of good reviews, which is normal. Who doesnt like people who are reliable and smart?

Actors are meant to live in one role after another.

So, I like Tong Liya so much. Next time, I really want to have dessert. The best setting is not a silly white sweet hostess. It doesnt matter if the human nature is not perfect. It may even make the audience have compassion. But if its not reliable, its really annoying.

Even Zhu Shanshan in settling in is no longer annoying. Isnt it because the audience feels the sincerity of she wants to be reliable?

In our daily life, there are a small number of traitors, evils and love. Most of them are ordinary people.

For ordinary people, its not about character, its about ability. Who would like the one who always drags others, and finally makes everyone walk around?

Im so good at writing. You dont want to read it

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