Its more fun to make money than to fall in love

 Its more fun to make money than to fall in love

Working for three years, not making ends meet, the bill is even negative.

Embarrassed, only 500 yuan is left after paying the rent.

For catering, the cost of stores has been supported by loans.

What happened after 2020 is telling you one thing:

Save more money. It will come in handy.

But only after experiencing some things can we understand:

Only when you have money can you have the courage to defend the life you want.

I have more courage to face unexpected accidents.

I heard a story a few years ago.

An elite middle class with a house and a car in Beijing has a solid family.

Because of a flu, the old man in the family went to the ICU.

The treatment cost tens of thousands every day, so we sell houses and cars.

After this, he realized that money is also a sense of security.

One day, my mother suddenly fainted at home.

Im fine. I wont go. I wont spend the money.

Fortunately, after the inspection, it didnt matter.

Gradually sink into the heart, into the work, no distractions.

Only when we earn enough money can we let those who love us and those who love us.

There is no need to move for money, no fear of illness, no fear of poverty.

If one only wants to make money, he may be snobbish.

But if he doesnt want to make money at all, no one will be responsible for his mediocre life.

There is a girl named Qianqian backstage, to the point of marriage.

In the face of lottery money, boyfriend hesitated and didnt think much of it.

Thousands of people immediately choose to break up with him and give him a sum of money.

But I regret being with you because you are so haggard.

Girls who make more money will be more confident.

Not because of who money is with, not to mention who money leaves.

When do you think money is particularly important?

When you have someone you like, but you cant be together because you dont have money;

When you are very tired and have to work overtime;

If you dont lack money, you wont know the world is warm and cold.

Haiping and Su Chun are saving money to buy a house.

One day, Su Chun lost one yuan while taking the bus.

Haiping: whats your contribution to this family? I asked you whats your contribution.

Just throw a dollar around like this. Youll earn several a dollar in your life.

Su Chun: just one yuan.

Haiping: Yes, one yuan!

In the second season of earthly life, I was touched by a segment:

The mother of Wang Silong, a bone cancer patient, once went out to buy a car Lizi for her daughter.

Walking in the street, I suddenly saw someone begging on the side of the road, writing the words seriously ill for medicine.

She thought the man was a liar, but she looked back many times after she passed by.

If its true, what if...

People have to feel the same pain.

There are seriously ill children at home. She knows how it feels to have no money to cure them.

Even if they are cheated, they feel willing.

When the back of the hand is facing down, you can understand what helplessness is.

Can you afford a big brand, a mortgage or a car.

Its not.

Peoples consumption concept and demand are different.

Reluctant to buy lipstick, but can buy my mother warm down clothes;

I hate to change a car, but I can afford to pay for the operation and hospitalization in the hospital.

The benefits of freedom are:

You can bear the good and bear the bad without regret.

In an interview with Huang Bo, he once mentioned:

In the past, I always met all kinds of people and machines.

But now all around are good people, each is full of smiling faces.

The stronger you are, the more tolerant the world is to you.

There is a scene in the movie love for 100 yuan.

The fat and degenerate son began to summon up courage to live again.

She held her head high, her hair fresh and dry, and began to practice boxing.

Her father, who had not seen her for many days, looked at her and was moved by her sour nose.

When you try to win the world, the result is no longer important.

The film lost the last game, but she won the life, the love also followed.

I want to win. One win is enough.

A lot of things are like this. When you try to change, the beauty of the world will follow.

After reading these words, you must have your own thoughts and feelings.

At the end of the article, click reading, you and I agree.

Work harder and make more money to win the life you want.

You are excellent. Dont give up the world to others.