The answer to the question I always feel like a bad child who has mixed with good children

 The answer to the question I always feel like a bad child who has mixed with good children

Hello, teacher. I have a problem that bothers me deeply, that is, I always lie, many of which are unconscious and purposeless. Many lies cant bring me any benefits. Once I talk with people, I will be nervous, my brain will not keep up with the rhythm, and I often fail to express my meaning, and I will also say lies. What psychology is this?

Answer: lying itself is a defense against the inner real needs. When lying has become a habit of unconsciousness, it strengthens this defense. At this time, people cant distinguish the real self needs. That is to say, the motive and purpose of lying are deeply buried in the subconscious. You feel that you have formed the habit of lying unconsciously, and we suggest that you accept the help of psychoanalysis.

Answer: you can often experience your own feelings to answer this question: when you get along with others, do you feel constrained, anxious, peaceful, comfortable, free, relaxed, or racked your brains... When one has self affirmation and appreciation, he doesnt care much about others eyes.

Q: I want to ask the teacher a question, if parents cheat and kill a childs pet, and invite the child to the dinner table and a group of people eat it, what are the possible impacts on the child?

A: its creepy to hear that. If children dont know, it may not have any impact. If children find such a message, there are many possibilities for children to have a negative impact, what are the negative impacts and the extent? Its hard to say and predict. In theory, there may be anger of being cheated, distrust of being violated and deprived, pessimism of losing (love), etc

Q: I am very sad to cry when I think about it today. I have complex emotions and a sense of despair and loneliness. I am 28 years old.

A: we can use adults heart to contain and comfort the complex emotions brought by childhood. 28 is a powerful age to be kind to emotions. Happiness or sadness is not what we experience, but the interpretation and commitment of experience.

Q: I always thought I was a bad kid who got mixed up with good kids

A: the bad kids who can mix with the good kids are the good kids that the good kids envy, because they have potential that the good kids dont have, such as creativity, maverick, etc.