Guangdong Media: extend the age of football events in Tokyo Olympic Games to 24

 Guangdong Media: extend the age of football events in Tokyo Olympic Games to 24

New express reporter Gao Jing

Problems just started, events piled up and triggered a chain reaction

Recently, the Olympic countdown clock set in front of the Tokyo municipal government building was removed, the Olympic torch relay was temporarily cancelled, and some organizations predicted that the direct economic loss caused by the delay of the Olympic Games would be about 6 billion US dollars.

According to the IOC, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held no later than the summer of 2021, while the names of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will remain unchanged. At present, June August 2021 is a relatively suitable time to hold the competition, and the Tokyo Olympic Games is very likely to be held at that time.

If the Tokyo Olympic Games are to be held in the summer of 2021, it can be imagined that next year will be a super competition year gathering the Olympic Games, the European Cup, the Americas Cup and the World Club Cup. In the case of many kinds of events, sports fans are prone to aesthetic fatigue. Frequent events will reduce the attention of the competition and the business income.

For Chinas sports, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed for one year. In terms of time, it will directly crash with the National Games (held in Xian in 2021), the World University Games (held in Chengdu in August 2021), the Asian Youth Games (held in Shantou in November 2021) and other large-scale events, plus the World Club Cup (held in 8 cities across the country), which has not yet been opened, It can be said that the competition calendar of Chinese sports in 2021 has been completely disrupted.

Similarly, the track and field, swimming, badminton and other world championships planned to be held in 2021 will be affected. The World Athletics Federation issued a statement on its official website yesterday, saying it has begun to negotiate with the Organizing Committee of the 2021 World Championships to change the date of the competition to make way for the Olympic Games, among which the postponement of the world championships to 2022 is one of the alternatives.

Olympic postponing

All the preliminary contests may be adjusted

According to the data of the International Olympic Committee, 57% of the participants in the Tokyo Olympic Games have been the masters of famous flowers. Whether the remaining 43% of the participants are allocated according to the original plan remains to be discussed between the Olympic Committee and the individual associations. For example, the IAAF said it would adjust and release the current Tokyo Olympic standards and time limit for reaching the standards as soon as possible to help athletes better prepare for the 2021 Olympic Games.

With the postponement of the Olympic Games, events such as the womens preliminary plus and mens basketball losing should be postponed appropriately, which also provides more preparation time for each team.

In addition, there are strict age limits (under 23 years old) for sports like Olympic mens football. Im afraid that they will also face adjustment next year. If the Olympic Games start next summer, the age of the participating mens teams is likely to be relaxed to 24 years old.

There are also voices that some of the Olympic qualifying events should be resumed, and Taiyu Yamashita, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, holds this view. Once the Tokyo Olympic Games are postponed to the next year, the qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games should be resumed, although it will not be easy for some athletes. Said the Japanese judo star.

However, this rather novel view has not been widely supported. After all, there are too many aspects involved in the re qualification, even a years time is difficult to achieve.

Heros Twilight

The veteran passed the Olympic Games?

In addition, the Olympic Games are held every four years, and each athlete has his own sports cycle. Before the Olympic Games, the athletes will try their best to adjust their state to the best, which is four years of efforts. Now the competition is suddenly postponed, which directly disrupts the players preparation rhythm, and even some veteran players may bid farewell to the competition.

For example, Pau Gasol, the core player of the Spanish mens basketball team, will turn 40 in July this year. He will finish his career this summer, and the Tokyo Olympic Games will be his curtain call. For Gasol, who is suffering from injuries and undergoing rehabilitation training, the Tokyo Olympic Games is the only motivation to support him, and the delay of the competition is equal to announcing the early retirement of Gasol.

Like Pau Gasol, Roger Federer is facing such a problem, and the Swiss are not sure if they can hold on for another year. Around the world, there are many veterans like Gasol and Federer, who bid farewell to the Olympic Games because of one difficulty or another.

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