Three high-risk jobs of substitute nurse Donna

 Three high-risk jobs of substitute nurse Donna

Treatment, quality control, team She has been in huoshenshan hospital for more than 50 days, and Tang Lina has worked almost all the nursing posts in the ward.

In the ICU, every paramedic faces the risk of infection, and Donna is no exception. These days, she has at least three jobs with a higher risk.

Grandpa, Ill wipe your mouth. Itll be more comfortable. Knowing that the comatose patients are unconscious, Tang Lina still tries to communicate with them every time she operates. As part of her daily care, Donna cleans her mouth.

In this process, the patient must take off the mask and face to face with me less than 30cm. Donna said that when wiping the mouth for the patient, because the throat is stimulated, the patient will also have a cough, and the airway droplets and oral mucus will spray to her screen.

One patients oral cleaning takes more than 20 minutes. One morning, Donna was going to give oral care to seven comatose patients.

Its impossible not to be afraid, this time its business skills. Donna said she was a civilian in the military who had won the championship and won the second prize in the competition of nursing business.

With a strong business background, Donna took on another high-risk job.

Donna went to the hospital bed and did an unusual act - closing her eyes.

Leaning down, Donna gently felt the pulse of the patient with her left hand finger. Suddenly, the finger stopped. She picked up the needle with her right hand and quickly stabbed into the artery. A bright red blood flowed into the catheter. It was a success.

Its easier to focus when you close your eyes, and a clear anatomy will come to mind. In wartime without lighting, blinding can win valuable time for rescuing the wounded, but it is a skill with high requirements and risks, which not everyone can practice, Donna said.

If you break the rubber gloves, youll have a lot of trouble. Said Donna.

Intubation - Donnas third high-risk job.

It is a doctors job to do fiberoptic bronchoscopy, but in the process of switching between fiberoptic bronchoscope and ventilator catheter, nurses are often needed. The interface of the tube is the place with the highest virus concentration, which can be called poison hole.

The faster you switch, the safer everyone will be, the doctor told Donna She remembers this sentence. Every time she switches, the time is controlled within 2 seconds, so as to discharge as little secretion as possible.

Cleaning the mouth, blinding and controlling the poison hole, many little sisters in the same trade said that Donna was a brave expert.

In sorting out the remains of an unfortunate grandfather, Donna found a bus card, which made her tear. She said regretfully that Grandpa hoped to get out of the ICU and take the bus home.