The city of heroes, a panoramic documentary of epidemic in Wuhan war

 The city of heroes, a panoramic documentary of epidemic in Wuhan war

With the closure, it is not the plot of magic realism, but a peoples war of epidemic prevention and control.

Wuhan is the eye of the storm in this war.

Some people, in the face of panic and unknown bravely raise the alarm;

Some people struggle with the God of death in the face of difficulties;

Some people, in the plight of watching to help, call people to yearn for the good and hope.

In this heroic city, everyone is trying to do the right thing, with their sincerity, fearlessness, integrity and sympathy, to help win the peoples war of epidemic prevention and control.

Xinhua News Agency reporters made an in-depth interview in Wuhan and braved the red zone, recording the important historical moment of two months of Wuhan war epidemic with the lens, as well as the warmth and righteousness of many ordinary heroes.

Based on a large number of precious images shot by more than 60 journalists, Xinhua news agency has devoted its efforts to create a heavy documentary city of heroes, recording this unforgettable history.

For the first time, the documentary reveals some stories behind the key moves in the epidemic of Wuhan war.

For example, Zhang Jixian, director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, was the first to raise an alarm for epidemic prevention and control.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia professor Zhang Xiaochun, Professor of imaging at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, urged CT to be the main basis for screening new crown pneumonia in the crucial moment, and promoted the revision of the relevant treatment plan so that more patients could be admitted to hospital in time.

There are also some touching stories, some of which are ordinary people we have never known, some of which are familiar faces in the news. However, the documentary opens up the inner world of mortal heroes from a more human perspective.

There is a responsibility called do more to win back time.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new Wuhan child. Zhang Dingyu, the director of the hospital in Jin Yin Tan, is a patient with progressive cold syndrome. But during the outbreak, he still took a staggering step every day to race with the disease and try to save more lives. Zhang Dingyu said that the time left for him is only 5 to 10 years, so he cherishes every moment of time.

There is a mission called do your best, never give up.

National novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical treatment expert group member Zhong Ming, in Wuhan to participate in the promotion of severe treatment. He once felt powerless because eighteen kinds of martial arts didnt work, but with the reflexive professional instinct, under the extremely high work intensity, he tried to pull a critical patient back from the life and death line.

There is a kind of responsibility, called I rush to do the work, so that they have more energy to save people..

Zhang awe, the police officer of fangcang hospital, wears protective clothing of small size every day and curls up to carry the oxygen tank for six hours in a row. He is afraid that his straight back will collapse the protective clothing and that the nurses and girls will be exhausted by heavy work.

There is a kind of dedication, which is called no stopping.

Zhai Chenfei, a civil aviation pilot, joined the ranks of volunteers on the day of grounding. They have provided food for the community, medicine for the patients, and supplies for the medical staff. When a friend asked why volunteer, a volunteer sent a picture of Wuhan river, isnt it beautiful? Dont you want to guard the city?

There is a kind of company called I come to Huo mountain to pick you up.

In this city, there are tens of millions of retrograde, on the battlefield never do deserters.

There are also lives that cant wait to come to this dangerous and true world.

When we take off the mask, I dont think we should forget how we put it on and who helped us take it off, said Xu Yang, a Xinhua News Agency reporter

Its a war that costs a lot.

This is a group of people who are still fighting against difficulties.

As long as hand in hand, no winter is insurmountable;

As long as we keep watch together, no spring will not come.

At this moment, the branches of spring, is a season full of vitality.