Their evil result is the split of heart

 Their evil result is the split of heart


Room n incident

The case occurred in the privacy protection as a feature, emphasis on anonymity of the communication chat software telegram.

In short, perverted men use instant messaging software to open chat rooms and share illegally taken videos and photos of sexual abuse. Police have traced at least 74 female victims, including 16 minors.

The incident was started by a 19-year-old high school boy nicknamed GodGod on the Internet.

Since the second half of 2018, he has obtained the personal privacy information of the victim women through various means, including searching for poor and immature young women on the Internet, luring each other to hand over the privacy information such as nude photos by means of false recruitment or pretending to be a policeman, etc., and then threatening the victim step by step with the reason of sending it to parents and classmates, asking them to take photos Take all kinds of sex videos, and finally become a sex slave.

The reason why its called room n is that he uploads the video to room 1 in the form of a trailer. If others want to continue to watch it, they have to pay the corresponding fees, and then they can get the link to room 2, and so on

The higher the level of room, the more brutal the video of sexual exploitation. How much of this video is too much? Its not just compulsory obscenity, but also a lot of anti ethical content, such as asking victims to eat excrement.

In February 2019, GodGod transferred the authority of room n to the partner nicknamed watchman for preparing for the college entrance examination. In September, watchman disappeared.

But the disappearance of the two elders does not mean the end of the crime. Because of the imitation effect, room n is replaced by other rooms, and the video of sexual exploitation continues to be widely circulated, with as many as 260000 viewers.

Among these imitation cases, the doctors room operated by animals nicknamed doctor is the most popular. Compared with the predecessors, his abnormal degree is not inferior. To what extent? The reporter who is going to be undercover in the group is going to see depression.


Something worse than terror

The horror of room n lies in the cruelty of abnormal mens means and the vulgarity of their tastes;

Because of fear, the victims can only live in the shadow all the time;

Its because these animals are so normal in daily life. Zhao Zhubin not only achieved excellent results in school, but also was enthusiastic about public welfare. All kinds of comments are Three Outlooks exceed the truth. He even wrote an article on how to prevent sexual crimes - proper human face beast heart!

But what is more terrifying than this is the indifference and indecision of the participants and the impetus under the Carnival of the onlookers.

Of the 26W + people who watched the video of sexual exploitation in room n, only 2 reported it;

Some participants feel aggrieved and think that they are the victims, and the mistake is those girls uploading videos;

When the case broke out, the onlookers were indignant, and many asked for links and addresses:

There are also people who directly attack these women victims and insult them: these women deserve it, and those who have a bit of self-cultivation and security awareness will not let the scum succeed.


No snowflake is innocent

Whether its the apathetic participants, or the people who try to make up the lesson or throw the pot directly to the victims, its the snowflakes that make the avalanche.

They think they are just participating or seeking to participate, they think they are just saying a big truth, how can they be wrong?

If they are compassionate, they will definitely not see those abnormal videos, just enjoy them without considering the feelings of the victims who are secretly photographed;

If they have empathy, think about how they would feel if their female close relatives were forced to record such videos, and they probably would not regard themselves as victims or seek resources everywhere;

If they have compassion, they will refuse to continue to participate in this abnormal action and press the report button

Is it really the suppliers fault to pay for products and services?

No business, no killing, no demand, no market.

The evils of human nature are vividly displayed in building ones own happiness on the pain of others, being indifferent to others when they are hurt, or even falling into the ground.

Mediocre evil

Among these snowflakes, there are active people and seemingly passive people - these passive people, in a sense, are mediocre evils.

Mediocre evil was put forward by Hannah Arendt, a famous thinker.

Some time ago, I saw the special session of I didnt kill people, Im only responsible for buttons for the anniversary of ideal app. Liang Wendao, Zhan Qingyun, Pang Ying and Xu Yingjin discussed this problem together: is it my fault that I didnt do anything?

This doing nothing means not resisting the orders and demands of the system or the superior, but following the orders.

The guests discussed mediocre evil from the perspectives of space of system and individual freedom, the generation of good and evil, moral dullness should be attributed to society or individual, instinct of human nature to know evil and thinking ability to distinguish good from evil.

At that time, after reading the article, I didnt have a big feeling. I even thought: whats the significance of this kind of discussion that can draw different conclusions from different perspectives? u2014u2014From a personal point of view, I have the freedom to choose not to think about good or evil in order to protect my life. Is it wrong to say I?

Although from a social or human point of view, I is a sinner.

But today, I suddenly understood.

In my opinion, the participants in the n room case are not lack of followers - following their abnormal desires, following the curiosity mentality in small circles.

Under the guidance of IDs pursuit of bad taste or group consciousness, they gave up their thinking and judgment of right and wrong, and enjoyed the tragic events that happened to others.

The pain and harm they bring to these female victims is real.

No matter what reasonable demands, justifiable reasons and innocent attraction they have from their personal point of view, they will not wipe out their great harm to the victims.

Personal freedom is not unlimited freedom.

But when it is done, if it hurts others, it must bear corresponding responsibility.

So when the harm happens, even if I didnt do anything, its absolutely wrong.


The Enlightenment of evil

On March 25, Zhao Zhubin, the most sought after doctors room operator, was transferred to the prosecution. Believe in the law, and in the end, punish the bad people [legally].

But things are far from over.

Why does 19-year-old goldgod have such a strong motivation to open room n? What makes Zhao Zhubin, who has outstanding achievements, is enthusiastic about public welfare and seems to be Three Outlooks and super upright, embark on the road of crime? What makes these participants lose their basic conscience

Similar problems deserve the continuous attention of the society.

He was almost paranoid in his search for the truth about the motive of the criminal. The murderer asked him why do you insist? he said, I hope my child can grow up safely and happily without encountering another person who commits crimes like yours.

I think, in the face of such scum as goldgod, watchman or Zhao Zhubin, in addition to the corresponding punishment given to them from the legal level, the public can not read the news, and then just be filled with indignation.

Otherwise, mediocre evil will still be activated at any time because of unconsciousness, hurting others or themselves.

For example, reflect on whether you have hurt others because of curiosity or the idea that others are doing it and I can do it? And keep awe, improve their ability of independent judgment and thinking;

For example, pay more attention to their sons, let them learn to respect themselves, respect women through words and deeds, and guide them to learn to meet their desires in a legal and reasonable way;

For example, we should give more affirmation and care to our daughter, tell them that no matter what happens, we will stand behind her and support her, and let her have the self-esteem and self-confidence she should have as a woman;

For example, when there is an injury incident around us, we no longer hold the spectator mentality of one more thing is better than one less thing, but actively provide help on the premise of ensuring our own safety

Good and evil in the world are relative and dependent.

We cant eliminate all evils, but we must have the basic ability to judge good and evil.

Then, take good as the lighthouse, to guide action, to resist evil.

Because - you come to the world, you want to see the sun.

Author: xiaofeixia meow, a psychology enthusiast, is the first student of 21 day inward writing practice camp and theme writing camp. Headline number: xiaofeixia meows notes on Geng Xin.