Probably the longest span of Chinese history! This set of books will help you sort out the history of China in 50000 years

 Probably the longest span of Chinese history! This set of books will help you sort out the history of China in 50000 years

This is the latest achievement of interdisciplinary cooperative research in history and molecular anthropology,

Among the most popular historical works a brief history of China in 50000 years recently listed,

Professor Yao Dali from Fudan University Historical Geography Research Center made a detailed interpretation:

Homo erectus, the ancestors of early humans such as Yuanmou, Lantian and Beijinger, has been out of Africa about 2 million years ago, but their descendants have been extinct 300000 years ago The immediate ancestors of modern people evolved into modern Homo sapiens in the African continent 200000 years ago. Sixty thousand years ago, they had arrived in Australia along the coastline of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Now they are generally called the early Asians. The ancestors of the modern Chinese who first entered todays China belong to the people separated from the early Asians. Fifty thousand years ago, they set foot on the land of China.

In other words, forty or fifty thousand years ago, some of the modern Homo sapiens set foot on the land of China and became the ancestors of the modern Chinese people!

Note: figures in the book: a brief history of China in 50000 years

Many people are interested in history, especially our own.

But usually the knowledge in textbooks is too basic, the historical documents are too raw, and the popular science works are worried about not being professional All in all, there are many worries!

Todays recommended 50000 years of Chinas brief history is absolutely the most appropriate bridge between our ordinary readers and professional history!

Absolutely comprehensive and interesting - gene, language, climate, geography, politics, military, culture, economy It is easy to read and understand.

Absolutely professional and reliable -- nine authoritative scholars in the field of Chinese history, who have been working together for two years.

If you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese history and listen to the master of history,

I highly recommend this set of a brief history of 50000 years of China!

The book starts from the first group of intelligent people set foot on the land of China 50000 years ago, and goes on to the 20th century,

From gene, climate, culture and geography to politics, military and economy,

It can be said that it is a work of Chinese history that has really sorted out the context of China for 50000 years!

For example, the interpretation of 50000 years mentioned at the beginning is actually the process of tracing the whole Chinese history in the introduction.

It not only straightens out how Homo erectus and early Homo sapiens migrated and evolved into modern humans,

It also explains how China was born and developed, and several meanings of China

Finally, we talk about the formation of multi-ethnic China.

It even involves some knowledge of genetic and molecular biology,

To help readers understand the process of reproduction and inheritance!

Just an introduction is enough to take a whole notebook!

And thats true of the book a brief history of China in 50000 yearsu2014u2014

Beijing ape man is not our ancestor? Is it a political strategy not to marry the same family name? Is it because Confucianism monopolizes educational resources? Why did the only female emperor in Chinese history appear in the Tang Dynasty? Maybe the death of Guangxu has nothing to do with Cixi

All aspects of Chinas majestic history have closed in,

Every chapter and every section contains a wealth of professional historical knowledge. If you repeatedly speculate and read it, you will find it very rewarding!

Reading historical popular science books, in addition to knowledge, must also be professional and reliable.

A brief history of China in 50000 years can definitely give readers such a guarantee, which can be called the classic of Chinese historiography today!

1u3001 The authors lineup is too strong!

Nine top scholars in the field of Chinese history.

From Fudan University, Nanjing University, Ming history society, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences They are all authorities in their respective historical fields.

Its no exaggeration to say that half of history is here.

Anyone who is a history student of the Chinese department or who has some knowledge of the Chinese history circle cant help but offer his knees and cry out that he is too immortal and too heavy!

2u3001 Great reading experience!

This is the process of reading the fifty thousand year history of China.

Express the most professional academic research in the most plain and understandable language.

Moreover, the contents of the book are adapted from audio courses, so they are basically colloquial,

Even if there is no historical basis for Xiaobai, it can easily keep up with the pace of the masters, making reading a face-to-face master class like enjoyment.

For example, it will be interspersed with a lot of cool and interesting knowledge points, with a sense of discoveryu2014u2014

Chapter II Qin and Han Empire: the framework of the Chinese Empire

Excerpt from a brief history of China in 50000 years (I)

Introduction: the birth of China: the first group of intelligent people set foot on the land of China

For example, various interesting examples will be listed to show folk customs and social systemsu2014u2014

Excerpt from a brief history of China in 50000 years (Part 2)

Chapter six Song Dynasty: Modern dawn time

These nine top professors of history, in their respective universities and research institutes,

Its all the same as the stars. Its hard to learn a lesson.

Now their research results and cultural wisdom are all collected in this set of books, which is really exciting!

There are two volumes of a brief history of China in 50000 years, no more than 1000 pages. Compared with a lot of general history works, the length of the book is very concise;

But the content is very rich, and the angle is diverse, not only straighten out the context, but also highlight the key points!

Such a set of classic works of Chinese history is worth collecting at home. Each reading is a collision with the wisdom of the master.

Whether its to learn more about cutting-edge historical research, to gain more knowledge of Chinese history, or to get a preliminary introduction, to clarify the context of Chinas historical development,

Or just out of curiosity and exploration of the past.

Fifty thousand years of Chinese history can give people a great sense of harvest!

If there are middle school students in your family, they should recommend this set of books to you,

Can let the child feel the professional academic atmosphere and the style of famous teachers in Colleges and universities ahead of time!

Many people say that modern people dont like reading history;

But the opposite is true. No matter what generation, there is an increasing interest in looking back and understanding history.

But they need a set of really interesting, useful, authoritative and professional science books to take them into a deeper and more wonderful historical world.

A brief history of China in 50000 years