Poems are like jade on the stranger, and the childe is unparalleled

 Poems are like jade on the stranger, and the childe is unparalleled

Pre Qin: Anonymous

Look at Qiao, green bamboo hand in hand.

If there are bandits and gentlemen, they are like dueling and polishing.

Its like a string.

If there are bandits and gentlemen, they should not be punished.

Look at the Qishui River by which the green bamboos grow.

If there are bandits and gentlemen, they will act like stars.

Its like a string.

If there are bandits and gentlemen, they should not be punished.

Looking at Qiao, the green bamboo is like a sheath.

There are bandits and gentlemen, as gold as tin, as GUI as Bi.

Its easy to be broad, but its easy to be heavy.

He is good at banter, but not cruel.

The elegant young man is a real gentleman, with exquisite knowledge, correct conduct, broad mind and distinguished status. He was wearing jade, his hair was tied into a crown, and he laughed like a spring breeze. Qiao in the book of songs is the original appearance of a gentleman in the eyes of the world.

White stone music

Song Dynasty: Guo Maoqian

Baishilang, living near the river.

The forerunner, Jiang Bo, followed by Yu.

The stones are like jade, and the pines are like emerald.

Langyan is unique, there is no second in the world.

What kind of man can be regarded as the most magnificent in the world?

Thats like the jade mountain piled up with stones and the green pine standing up. He has a warm temperament, but he is proud and not easily convinced.

Luoyang Street

Tang Dynasty: Li Bai

White jade who home Lang, return to Tianjin.

Look at the East Road of Huadong. Its exciting for Luoyang people.

Many people come to see beautiful women specially, so do beautiful men. In the open Tang Dynasty, a white man was watching flowers on the street in the east of the city, which shocked the whole Luoyang City to see him.

It can be said that: I look at the scenery on the bridge, which has also become the scenery in the eyes of others.

Quasi Shen Xiaxian

Tang Dynasty: Li Shangyin

The spring clothes are thin and wide.

Leaning on the wind is a little urgent, with snow language should be cold.

Gold bucket with fire, and jade plate with beads.

Heyang has seen flowers and never asked pan an.

Speaking of the famous beautiful man in ancient times, you must think of Pan an who is very affectionate to his wife, but has no political mind. Born in the most beautiful Wei, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties, Panans great reputation has long been deeply rooted in peoples hearts through the new words of the world.

Want to praise a handsome man? He looks like Panan.

After boarding

Tang Dynasty: Meng Jiao

In the past, dirty is not boastful,

Today, there is no limit to indulgence.

Im proud of my horses feet,

See all Changan flowers in one day.

The girls heart is partial to the gentleman, of course, it must be a young man of high spirits. High school imperial examination, proud, riding a horse to walk in Changan City, this way, I do not know how many flowers, is for this young talent?

Bodhisattva man now remembers Jiangnan music

Tang Dynasty: Weizhuang

Now I remember Jiangnan music,

Riding on the bridge, full of red sleeves.

Cuiping golden flexion, drunk into the flowers.

This time see flower branch, white head swear not to return.

The stranger is like jade, and the childe is unique. A gentleman is as graceful as a jade. He has a gentle temperament and a scholar spirit. He has a lot of experience and 18 kinds of martial arts. So, is it what you think?

Author: Xiao Xiaomu, who loves Chinese culture and Western literature, likes poetry and drama. Always be curious about things related to culture. WeChat official account: Morning Reading Poetry (ID:bcy-cqds)