The gap between people depends on the ability of the bottom

 The gap between people depends on the ability of the bottom

There is a saying: a grain of ash of the times, falling on ones head, is a mountain.

Until the crisis came, many people suddenly realized that enough savings are the foundation to support life.

An epidemic is actually a watershed. It will generate extreme crisis awareness, and thus start to actively self rescue and change.

What is the underlying capability?

Its the ability that is obviously very important but always ignored by you; the ability that can be used everywhere to cope with the changes of the times.

There are four types:


Maintain inconsistency

What is consistency?

The new information of the outside world is consistent with the old and inherent prediction framework in my mind.

Therefore, we will tend to use the old mode and old thinking to interpret the information of the outside world.

Secondly, when there are several ideas in our mind at the same time, we also expect that they are consistent and compatible with each other.

This pursuit of consistency is the underlying working mode of the brain.

Over the past million years, it has been useful - it has helped us build a stable, continuous forecasting model to better understand and deal with external things.

However, the biggest characteristic of the era we are facing is uncertainty.

Many seemingly unreasonable problems are actually the result of various internal complex movements and games.

Therefore, the biggest characteristic of a person with the ability of maintaining inconsistency is that he can accept the complexity and multifaceted nature of things, and he will not try to define things with a simple judgment, let alone try to persuade himself with logic, adjust the contradictions and conflicts of things, and make them look harmonious.

They can accept that in essence, the world is contradictory, conflictive and uncoordinated. There is no need to put together a false image of harmony. Good and bad, right and wrong can coexist and not invade each other.



Professional ability is the key to success.

1. Solid basic skills

Basic skill is a kind of meta ability, that is, the ability to improve ability. Generally speaking, this ability refers to learning and thinking.

2. Systematic domain knowledge

We have to focus on one area to be experts in that area.

At this time, we need to build our own knowledge system. What basic theoretical knowledge, what basic cases are there in the industry, and under what circumstances each kind of knowledge is suitable for use, must be made clear.

3. Ability to solve practical problems

The premise of solving problems effectively is to understand the reality, but many people always take it for granted.

At the beginning of solving problems, we must figure out what our action logic is, which is the guarantee of solving problems.



Such a ready to move person is a treasure.

Initiative means that people are good at finding and creating new opportunities, predicting the possibility of things in advance and taking actions, so as to improve work performance, avoid problems or create new opportunities.

People with great initiative will not wait for problems to happen, but will take precautions, act in advance, avoid problems and even create opportunities.

In the early years, Ren Zhengfei thought that microwave was not very useful, and proposed to cut off the microwave product line. But Peng Zhiping, President of the microwave product line, thought it was a good product according to his sense of market, so he secretly squeezed dozens of people out of his human budget to develop microwave products. Two years later, it was found that it was unrealistic to bury optical fiber in the African market, and the cost of building a base station was too high, while microwave was the lowest cost communication tool. At a time when Mr. Ren regretted, Mr. Peng said, Mr. Ren, no problem, our microwave products can already be delivered.

This story reflects the ability of initiative talents to prepare for the future.



Alis Peng Lei said in the course sharing of lakeside university that she prefers the real people to the ordinary Generals:

I never believe in the ever victorious general. When I look at the team, I prefer to choose the one that has experienced many setbacks (of course, it cant be without success at one time, and it cant be without that either).

Its a life experience whether the skin can keep such tolerance all the time.

In a word, no matter win or lose, only fighting can make you stronger.

In the process of bumpy progress, we constantly collect positive feedback cycles, and constantly accumulate, such as personal credit, psychological energy, meaningful interpersonal relationships (I deeply care about each other, and the other deeply care about me) and so on, so as to ultimately achieve the accumulation of thin hair.

Montaigne said,

We are all richer than we think. But we all forget the power in us, so we always go elsewhere to beg.