Why do excellent girls feel insecure in love

 Why do excellent girls feel insecure in love

Miss Americana, who watched Taylors career documentary, poked at me with a small remark in the highlights that hit everyone.

She said: before the world can tolerate my success, I will redouble my efforts to let everyone see that I deserve it.

I was stabbed because she used the word tolerance.

I can most directly feel the insecurity in this idea - in essence, we are afraid that something is unworthy of us. We try to be relaxed, as if we are always followed by the eyes of the judge. This negative perception urges us to do a lot of things.

In love, too.

If there is any difference between my current view of feelings and that of when I was 18, it must be that I have much more to do now.

A few days ago, I saw a dynamic message from my friend saying that she couldnt put down a boy. I couldnt figure out why he broke up so simply My friends and boys are both online celebrities. I know and even have deep acquaintance with boys. How to say, he loves Vanity Fair very much, but he doesnt love girls very much.

I cant help but think that my friend is already a perfect girlfriend. What do you want? On the number one or two terms, few people can match.

Seeing that my friend is so reluctant, and thinking that the boy may not be in his heart, I sent a sad note, saying that some boys love fame and wealth most in this life, and dont care much about romantic. Which one of the people he loved is not extraordinary? All of them are sharp, but none of them can keep him.

People who are as like as two peas are confronted with the same fickle situation.

After worthy of him, we still need to accept his change of heart.

When we were young, we told ourselves, its good enough that we wont be let go - I believe many girls feel the same way up to now. When we were young, we lost our love and said angrily on the social network, Ill be better, and youll regret one day. later, we found out that we really became better, but that person doesnt have to regret either. At the age of 18, I am not a writer. At the age of 18, all people dont know that I will be a little famous in the future. But I think people who miss me at the age of 18 dont regret it. At most, they think people have their own lives.

Weve really become better people, but its not waiting to be loved.

But as we grow older and see more ways to change our partners horses, we begin to use get better to hedge against insecurity that may not be loved.

Sometimes I find myself really trying to be the perfect girlfriend.

In my heart, Im afraid that Ill be put down because Im not good enough.

In a sense, Im not easy to let go. Im admitted to graduate school. I have a good income, a stable family, and a peaceful personality I dont seem to have any reason to be despised, but I still feel scared because of the bottleneck of my career: I have a difficult job, which is very annoying, I am very broken, will I be left behind by the dislike?

If that person can accept a girl with 60 points, I will force myself to get 120 points to reduce the probability of being let go.

A long time ago, I couldnt be the best girl the boy I like can touch. So I had no reason to have a sense of security. I used all kinds of clumsy methods to keep it. Of course, it was in vain. Finally, I always watched each other slip away and said to myself, if I choose this way, its normal..

I am very painful to accept that there is no end in love, the fittest survive. I say its because youre not good enough. Theres no way.

But how good is it going to be?

This article is to explore the concept of conditions in feelings. This implicit concept has puzzled me for a long time. I attract good people with good conditions. I accept that all people see conditions. But when you ask what it is like to love someone, I may not know.

I want to keep myself in the winning position in love forever through excellence, because I have really failed.

Many years of bad feelings have left a sense of insecurity deep in my heart. My true belief in love is really similar to that in the documentary: before you are put down, you need to be strong..

I only believe in balance, maybe because I cant find any other reason to trust myself to be loved except to confirm each others conditions.

After talking with friends, he said, dont you believe that you will be loved because of being my self? I say maybe. I cant believe that someone loves me. I can only believe that others love me who is outstanding.

I told myself: others only love me who takes the first place, and I cant be choosed for all conditions.

But... I once loved boys because they were themselves. I loved their eyes and natural sense of humor. I loved the radian of their eyelashes. I loved their childlike core. I loved their poor writing. I loved their not very pleasant voice. I loved their crooked writing. I thought it was lovely.

There is a plot in love with you, Rosie. The girl goes to a foreign country to find a young boy. He lives in a big house in a prosperous city with his fiancee. He lives a life that looks very middle-class and rich. But the girl finds that he doesnt live the life she wants. In fact, he is no longer alive. She directly reveals that Alex, you are not like you at all Oneself.

Its the love of knowing the inside.

When we live as puppets of conditions, when we list conditions as bargaining capital in our feelings, it may have been a subversion of love.

Maybe love needs to be a kind of generous understanding, you go through the rise and fall of life, I have been. You may become a model person every year, or you may be a mediocre person with no skills. It doesnt matter if I spend money or lose face with you. But when you are not like you, your soul is no longer familiar to me, and I will go.

Because Ive always been in love with you.


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