Lets live as we like

 Lets live as we like

Walking in the field of time, at any time, we cant be knocked down by peoples despised eyes and ridiculed words. We can bear the humiliation, persevere and move forward bravely, which will surely make us live as we like and achieve our wonderful life.

From now on, we should learn to face the debt of fate with calmness, face the cold of the world with a smile, face the indifference of human feelings with self-improvement, face all the encounters with gratitude, and wait until we become excellent and strong, and the success is complete, then our grievances, embarrassments, pains, efforts and efforts are worth it.

Really dont ask, how far to go, how long to come, if you want to live like yourself, please dont always indulge in the Yellow story, dont always panic in the dark world, dont always settle in the existing days. If we choose not to walk with the sun all the way, not to meet the beautiful old, then we must be waiting for the desolation of youth and the regret of old age.

The days of suffering depend on oneself, and the years of suffering depend on oneself. At any time, we should not ask whether we will arrive, but whether we have started; we should not ask whether we will succeed, but whether we have worked hard enough.

In the four seasons of life, if we can cultivate a Zen Mind of cloud and water, do good things all the way, do things in the wind and rain and realize, and do things in the life and cherish, then what we expect will be close to us, and what we want will be completed.

Where can rainbow come without wind and rain? Where is sweetness without bitterness? Where can we see without understanding? The mountains dont need to show off their greatness, the sea doesnt need to show their vastness, the grass doesnt need to humble themselves, the dust doesnt need to lament their smallness, the common people, all things in the world, all have their own significance and value of existence, as long as we dont forget our original heart, our heart has great love, we look up to ourselves, constantly improve ourselves, and strive to live an excellent and lovely life Enough.

Wild geese go back to wild geese, people come and go, some things we dont need to force, some people we dont need to alienate, as long as our heart is like glass, ambition is like steel, strive to go up, all the way with the compassion of the years, the love of the fleeting years, to meet every day of life, then we will gradually live to the shape we like.

I hope we can all start with a smile and end with a happy ending. I hope that for the rest of our lives, every stroke of our life will be beautiful, every rhythm of our life will be wonderful, saying is love, not words, but also deep feelings.

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Yumei solo dance, whose real name is Gu Lili, female, angel in white, is a member of Shanghai Chongming Writers Association. Her works include half curtain of smoke and rain and deep clouds and water. The song disillusionment written by Yumei solo dance has been listed on the market. QQ / wechat: 1904223318

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