On Zhao Zhubin, the victim of room n: I hope he will die in prison

 On Zhao Zhubin, the victim of room n: I hope he will die in prison

Netease Entertainment reported on March 26 that the victim of the story said that her physical and mental injuries were more severe than her physical suffering, but she said that the psychological trauma was greater - she could not sleep, eat, suffer from bipolar disorder and depression at the same time, and for a while she could not even leave home, because she felt tracked. When I go out, I dont want anyone to notice me, so Im covered up, even in summer.

At present, the police have confirmed that there are 74 women victims. The woman said that there are many information about sponsoring employment opportunities through chat software. The victims should be more than these. At the same time, she also believes that the minor victims are not only 16 published by the police. She thinks that among the victims, the minor should be more than the adult. Because of the application software connected by both sides, such as twitter, those accounts are more Half students.

The victim believed that the suspect targeted the minor who was not involved in the world as the main target. She also said that when the media released the personal information of Zhao Zhubin, the suspect, and mentioned that he had written a report as a journalist in the University, the content was that the university should strengthen the safety of students. Seeing the news, she said her hands were shaking.

I was so angry that he pretended to be a good man. In fact, he put up pornographic videos of minors and threatened them, thus destroying a persons life.

Even in my dream, I still think about all this. Im afraid of what will happen in case of the outflow of the film. Im afraid that my SNS (Social Network) will send thousands of messages.

Jin Xuanrong, the host of CBS Radio program, mentioned that the law of South Korea punishes the network related sexual crimes lightly. She asked the victim what punishment he would like the main suspect to receive. She said, I hope he will die in prison, because it is impossible to be sure that he will reflect on his own crimes after he is released from prison.

The victim also encourages other victims to come forward and share their experiences so that the suspect can be sentenced again.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322