Ferdinand: Verons magic ball stunned the United team! It was Keane who killed him

 Ferdinand: Verons magic ball stunned the United team! It was Keane who killed him

Ferdinand believes that Veron is a very strong player: Veron has scored one of the best goals I have seen in training, first by putting in a flower, then by shooting from a distance near the midline. At that time, the whole team stopped training and said to each other, did you see what Veron did? Hes an incredible player, a great passer

But Ferdinand pointed out that Roy Keane influenced Verons performance: I think the only thing that kills him is Roy Keane, who always wants to control everything and control the ball in his own position. You have to remember that Veron is a key player in Parma and Lazio, and the organization of the whole game has to go through him. But he came to Manchester United and thats what Roy Keane did

Ferdinand said Veron respected Roy Keane too much and affected his performance. Roy takes the ball from the defender, passes it to the midfield and forwards, then stops and makes a loud voice like yes, give me the ball! Pass me the ball! Out of respect, Veron might just say, Ill let Roy continue to do this. But Veron is a great talent and, to be honest, without Roy Keane, he could have made it in a Manchester United shirt

In the end, Veron only played for two seasons at Manchester United, but he still couldnt occupy the main position, and his performance was criticized. After that, Veron was sold to Chelsea, and was loaned to Inter and La Plata University in a row. Ferdinand stressed: I think Roy Keane is the biggest problem facing Veron, but its not Roy Keanes fault, its just that his personality is stronger and more oppressive.

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