More than 19.2 billion yuan has been added for the postponement of the Olympic Games

 More than 19.2 billion yuan has been added for the postponement of the Olympic Games

After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games for one year, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee decided to set up a new strategy headquarters composed of cadres. Secretary General of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, Minlang Takeo, said that there are more than 20 cadres in the headquarters, which will be officially established on March 26.

At present, the main work of the headquarters is to study the new agenda of the Olympic Games. In addition, it also includes whether the previously scheduled competition venues can be used after the agenda change. They need to consult with the facility builder one by one. According to relevant people from the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the additional funds accompanying the extension are expected to reach 300 billion yen, and calculating the extension costs is also an important issue for the headquarters.

Mr. taketo said that the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games will hold meetings and consultations with the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government today, hoping to decide the new time for the Tokyo Olympic Games as soon as possible.

Like the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) yesterday launched corresponding emergency measures. According to IOC President Bach last night, a working group called here wego has been set up, which will coordinate with various stakeholders to determine the date of the New Tokyo Olympic Games.

After the working group determines the date of the Tokyo Olympic Games, we will have a clearer understanding of the overall situation, and then we can take more effective measures. Bach also said that the Tokyo Olympics will be held no later than the summer of 2021, which is not limited to the summer of 2021, all options are on the table, before the summer of 2021, including the summer of 2021. Yesterday, several IOC members proposed that the cherry blossom Olympics could be held in April next year.

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