Dont play with your cell phone in the dark! Careful induction of acute glaucoma

 Dont play with your cell phone in the dark! Careful induction of acute glaucoma

Playing with mobile phones in the dark can lead to glaucoma and even blindness. This is not alarmism. Liu Liwei, an ophthalmologist at the head and neck rehabilitation center of Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that using the eyes in dim light will cause the pupils to dilate for a long time, block the circulation of liquid in the eyes, lead to the rise of intraocular pressure, acute attack of glaucoma, and continuous high intraocular pressure can cause damage to the tissues and visual functions of all parts of the eyeball, resulting in vision loss, optic nerve damage and visual field contraction Small, if not treated in time, it may even lead to blindness.

Which people have glaucoma constitution? There are four groups of people who are more likely to develop glaucoma, Liu said.

One is a grumpy person. Some people often maintain a grumpy mood, so emotional instability often leads to unstable intraocular pressure, which in the long run will lead to the formation of glaucoma. Second, women over 40. Because the 40 year old female gradually enters the menopause, so the mood appears changeable, and these are the performance of glaucoma constitution, the range of mood change is too large, which is easy to lead to the sharp rise of intraocular pressure and induce acute glaucoma. Third, overuse of eyes. The eyes need to rest every day just like the brain. However, the habit of using the eyes when facing the computer and playing mobile phones at work will lead to over fatigue of the eyes, which will lead to glaucoma. Fourth, high myopia patients. Because of the enlargement of the myopic eyeball and the extension of the optic papilla, high myopia results in the thinning of the cribriform plate and the sclera beside the optic papilla. High intraocular pressure compresses the optic nerve, leading to the gradual atrophy of the optic nerve and the gradual loss of the visual field.

When it comes to the specific symptoms of glaucoma, Wang Xia pointed out that in addition to eye pain and elevated intraocular pressure, glaucoma patients also have other symptoms. Such as nausea and vomiting, eye pain and swelling; narrowed vision, vision loss; iridescence, that is to say, there are seven color circles or halos around the light, similar to the rainbow in the sky after a rainy day in summer.

According to two experts, playing mobile phones in the dark is especially harmful to the eyes of teenagers. When they look at the screen in the dark at close range, their eyes blink less, which is very easy to cause visual fatigue. The vision of teenagers is still developing. In the past, myopia, astigmatism and other refractive problems are easily aggravated.

Simple action can self measure intraocular pressure

During the epidemic, if there is eye pain and there is no tonometer around, how to judge whether the intraocular pressure has increased? Wang Xia shows a small method: finger measurement - a simple action can self-test how far away you are from glaucoma.

Finger measurement is to use two fingers. It only needs two steps to measure whether intraocular pressure is too high. When you close your eyes and touch your eyes gently with your index finger, feel the eye wave movement: if its as soft as your lips, the intraocular pressure is normal; if its as hard as the tip of your nose, the intraocular pressure has increased from light to moderate; if its as hard as your forehead, the intraocular pressure is already high. Through this small method of self-test, we can roughly judge whether intraocular pressure is normal or not. Of course, if you feel obvious discomfort, you still need to see a doctor.

It should also be noted that the intraocular pressure is not a constant value. Different times of the day are not exactly the same. It is not possible to judge the condition or determine the diagnosis by a single intraocular pressure measurement.

Wang Xia pointed out that glaucoma is a lifelong disease. In a special period, it is easy to have acute glaucoma if you want to maintain a good mentality and a stable mood, have a lot of mental pressure, think too much, get angry or lose your temper.

Dont overuse your eyes. Avoid overusing your eyes to see a bright spot in the dark. In Liu Liweis opinion, its best to adjust the contrast of the mobile phone screen to make the brightness and color as soft as possible. If possible, turn on a low brightness background light in the room to ease the brightness gap between the screen and the background environment. And try not to look at the mobile phone for more than 20 minutes, blink consciously, and pay attention to reduce the burden on the eyes.

In addition, for glaucoma patients, drinking water is also a big learning. To avoid a large amount of water at one time, a small amount of water should be drunk in several times, and the amount of water should be minimized at night to prevent glaucoma.

Two experts suggest that for patients with acute glaucoma, in the case of good self-protection, they need to see an eye doctor in time to reduce intraocular pressure in order to prevent damage to visual function. For the primary open-angle glaucoma that has been clearly diagnosed, the patients need to take medicine on time. During the epidemic period, the network consultation can be carried out and the hospital can be selected.

It should be noted that the new coronavirus can infect the conjunctiva of the eyes, which may cause lung infection. Patients with glaucoma, especially those who need long-term medication, need to pay close attention to hand hygiene.

Source: responsible editor of peoples network: Geng Yuanyuan, nj5571