What has Wuhan experienced in 63 days since the epidemic risk changed from high to medium

 What has Wuhan experienced in 63 days since the epidemic risk changed from high to medium

On March 25, the assessment of epidemic risk level of cities and counties in Hubei Province was updated. According to jingchu.com, as of 24:00 on March 24, Hubei had 75 low-risk cities and counties, 1 medium risk city and county, and no high-risk city and county. Wuhan city is reduced to a medium risk city and county.

From 0:00 on March 25, the control measures for the channel from Wuhan to Hubei will be removed, and 14 days later, the control measures for the channel from Wuhan to Hubei will also be removed.

March 25th is the 63 days of Fengcheng in Wuhan.

Wuhan, even Hubei Province, has been adjusting to the restart mode since the pause button was pressed two months ago.

On March 24, the sketch map of epidemic risk assessment of cities and counties in Hubei Province. Hubei Daily

1u3001 Pause

Novel coronavirus infection control forenoon announced in Wuhan at 2 a.m., announced that the bus, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transport were suspended from operation at 10 oclock this morning. The airport and train stations were temporarily closed from the Han channel. Wuhan

In Wuhan, 27 river crossing bridge testing points and the main urban area have been set up at the expressway toll station and the junction of city, county (District), town and village roads.

In the hours from the announcement of the closure to the formal closure, many people have thought about whether to leave or stay.

Wu Haoyuan, a Wuhan citizen, plans to return to his hometown with his mother and daughter for the new year. When many people left Wuhan, the Wu Hao family decided to stay in Wuhan in order not to cause any disturbance to the epidemic prevention and control work.

Wu Hao said, novel coronavirus pneumonia has half a months incubation period on one hand. He cant judge whether he and his family have been infected. If it is infected, it will be infected to others at this time. On the other hand, if it is infected, Wuhans medical resources are better than other cities, and it can get better treatment in Wuhan.

To seal the city, first of all, we must make sure that we have enough food at home. Two hours after seeing the fengchengling, when his mother and wife were still sleeping, Wu Hao got up and went out to buy vegetables.

Plus some of the ingredients in the family village before that, enough to eat for half a month, Wu Hao was relieved. When he paid, he exchanged greetings with his boss to learn that, affected by the epidemic, a big market supplying vegetables and meat for Wuhan city has been unable to purchase in the past three days, so the price of things in the store has increased.

At that time, Wu Hao did not expect that the seal of Wuhan was more than two months.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in Wuhan since January 23rd.

The city pressed the pause button, but the claw of the epidemic did not stop.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Wuhan on the day of the closure of the city. 70 new confirmed cases were confirmed, and 495 cases were diagnosed.

In February 5th, 10 thousand novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Wuhan, and 414 cases were dead.

Seven days later, on February 12, the number of newly diagnosed cases per day in Wuhan surged to 13436, reaching a peak. The total number of confirmed cases directly jumped 20000, reaching 32994.

The surge in novel coronavirus infection was due to the new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronavirus infection issued by the National Health Protection Committee in February 4th (trial version fifth).

A large number of suspected patients with imaging characteristics of pneumonia were included in the final diagnosis. It was not until February 13 that Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission announced the number of newly confirmed cases after the number of clinical diagnosis cases was included in the confirmed cases that the number of newly confirmed cases per day was more than 10000.

On February 16, the total number of confirmed cases in Wuhan reached 41152. It took only four days for Wuhan to break through 40000 cases from 30000.

Since then, the growth rate of the number of confirmed cases has gradually slowed down. Nearly a month later, on March 15, there were more than 50000 cases. As of 24:00 on March 24, the number remained on 50006 temporarily.

2u3001 Epidemic in Jiangcheng war

In the Jiangcheng city of Wuhan, the battle of epidemic is a real battle.

Event of epidemic in Wuhan war

On New Years Eve, Wang Wei and his colleagues from the medical team of the Sixth Peoples Hospital of Shanghai rushed to Wuhan to support Jinyintan hospital after emergency training.

Wang Wei recalled that when he first arrived in Wuhan, he was so nervous that he sweated all over his head. When he came back from work, he always recalled repeatedly whether the protection before entering the sick room was in place. The beds in the hospital are always being robbed and the corridors are filled with beds.

Wang Wei said, the first duty, the first medical advice, the first rescue, the first death certificate Since the first night shift, we have entered a six-day cycle. The death of critical patients is like a weight in our hearts. In the face of many difficulties in treatment, whether to face the difficulties or to raise hands to surrender, psychological and physiological stress is also constantly testing us.

On January 27, the central guidance group arrived in Wuhan, and the general office of the State Council informed to extend the 2020 Spring Festival holiday. On the same day, the Ministry of Education issued a notice that the spring semester 2020 will be postponed.

From New Years Eve to January 28, doctors and nurses like Wang Wei gathered in Hubei Province from 29 provinces, districts and cities, with a total of 52 medical teams and 6097 people.

On February 2, huoshenshan hospital was transferred to the Chinese peoples Liberation Army. On February 3, Wuhan began to open a shelter hospital to treat light patients, and the whole city of Wuhan began to carry out disinfection.

In February 5th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan was treated only in critically ill cases. The shelter hospital is gradually put into use. On February 6, a mobilization meeting was held in Wuhan to investigate the four categories of personnel, and no one was left behind or missed.

During this period, novel coronavirus pneumonia and Wang Weis colleagues discussed and summarized the work. We constantly improved the understanding of the treatment of new crown pneumonia, improved the rescue plan and experience of critically ill patients, and tried to improve the success rate of critical care patients.

I remember a patient who had pneumothorax twice told us before leaving the hospital that it was not easy to save his life. He remembered that he had changed two rounds with other patients in the ward, and everyone was very sorry. Wang Wei said.

Wang Wei also recalled that nurses are actually the hardest group of people. In the ICU, we should not only complete the infusion, blood sampling, laboratory test and other treatment work, but also be responsible for the patients life care, including turning over, feeding, defecation and so on. Because many patients who use the ventilator have no ability of life self-care, without the help of the paramedics, they need to be completed by the paramedics.

On February 8, leishenshan hospital was delivered for use.

On February 9, 41 chartered planes arrived in Wuhan on the same day when one province, one city rushed to Hubei. On February 10, all residential areas in Wuhan implemented closed management.

With the escalation of prevention and control measures in Wuhan, community and property personnel began to strictly defend the entrance and exit of each community.

Since then, Wu Hao and his family have never been out of the community. Apart from going downstairs to take out the garbage, they hardly go out. My mother has not even gone downstairs..

On February 11, Wu Hao was surprised to find that an app selling vegetables in his mobile phone could deliver goods. It stopped him worrying about the food at home. After that, he often bought food online, five Jin ten jin buy, the first buy more than 500 yuan, the second buy more than 800 yuan..

On February 12, Hubei included the number of clinical diagnosis cases in the confirmed cases, and the number of newly confirmed cases in Wuhan increased sharply to 13436 in a single day, reaching the peak.

The next day, Hubei held a provincial leaders meeting to convey the central decision: Ying Yong was appointed member, standing committee member and Secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee; Wang Zhonglin was appointed member, standing committee member of Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee.

On February 19, traffic control in Wuhan was upgraded, and non epidemic vehicles were not allowed to pass without special circumstances.

Wu Hao recalled that a month after the closure of the city, few people moved outside. Looking at the distance, every day there are community workers carrying a bucket of disinfectant water to spray on the ground.

Looking down again, Wu Hao noticed that at the entrance and exit of the community, sometimes there were residents lining up for food more than two meters apart. I also saw several ambulances coming from the community to pick up the patients.

Until March 10, all 16 hospitals in Wuhan were closed. On novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xi Jinping arrived in Wuhan on March 10th to investigate the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.

On March 11, Hubei issued a notice to orderly promote the resumption of production and the safe flow of personnel in the province. Two days later, the first point-to-point chartered car from Hubei Province to other provinces drove out of Chibi City, which opened the scene of Hubei migrant workers returning to work.

At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held on March 18, it was pointed out that Wuhan should gradually promote the resumption of work and production, and other areas of Hubei Province should steadily and orderly remove the control measures.

In March 24th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia control command issued a circular in Hubei Province: from March 25th, the control of the exit from Wuhan was lifted outside the city of Wuhan. From April 8th, the control measures for the exit from Han to Yue were relieved.

3u3001 Wuhan restart

Wuhans novel coronavirus pneumonia has been controlled.

Figure of cumulative cure + cure rate in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been cured in Wuhan, and the cure rate is 87.36%, 43686 cases reported.

After the spring equinox, the temperature in Wuhan is getting warmer.

Unconsciously, Wang Weis first medical team in Shanghai has been in Wuhan for two months. He has been able to put on and take off the protective clothing calmly according to the process, and the quality of the protective clothing is more reliable and the protection level is higher.

In addition, the meticulous management of critical patients and the strict consultation of the national expert group are different from those at the beginning of the closure.

Before that, Wu Haoshi, who had been living at home for more than two months, was in a state of boredom and panic. He could not walk out of the 120 square meters of the house. So he often looks out from the balcony to see the outside world.

As the epidemic slowly cooled down, Wu Hao found that he could see someone walking his dog in his neighborhood.

Wu Hao often pinches time, thinks about things, and looks out unconsciously. Last year, the city just held the 7th world military games. I think of the days when I used to go to work normally, and I went shopping with my wife and children freely.

Wu Hao thought, I used to complain that I was very tired every day. Now think about it. A normal and ordinary day is very happy.

The day that Wu Hao thought was coming.

On March 25, 63 days after the closure of Wuhan, 117 urban bus lines officially resumed operation.

A novel coronavirus infection control command in Hubei province released a long-awaited message on the previous day: from April 8th at 0:00, Wuhan lifted the control measures from Han to Yue channel, and orderly resumed external traffic, leaving the Han people with safe and orderly flow of green code in Hubei health code.

Surging news noted that since the end of March, all departments in Wuhan have been making preparations for the unsealing.

On the 58th day of Fengcheng, March 20, a news about the killing of Hankou railway station in Wuhan made netizens excited. On the same day, blue sky rescue team members from all over the country carried out comprehensive killing work at Hankou railway station in Wuhan, which had been closed for nearly two months.

On the afternoon of the same day, Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in key urban areas and investigated the orderly resumption of public transport operations.

Then on March 21, at the East Square bus station of Wuchang railway station, more than 50 buses were in the process of centralized killing to prepare for the operation of multiple lines of bus lines.

In March 22nd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia control command issued a notice on Further Strengthening the management of personnel flow in Wuhan. It required that all the cross district card points should be abolished, and the regulations on the access and management of the people without epidemic areas should be implemented.

On the morning of March 23, the cleaning personnel carried out in-depth killing before the subway station and train resumed operation, and the maintenance of relevant equipment and facilities was carried out simultaneously.

On the same day, Wuhan Bus, which has been suspended for 60 days, went on the road for no-load test run.

The Jiangcheng city of Wuhan is gradually rebooting.