Sleep: the easiest and most comfortable way to lose weight

 Sleep: the easiest and most comfortable way to lose weight

A new study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition found that an extra hour of sleep a day can help you lose weight. The researchers divided 42 healthy adult volunteers into two groups. One group of volunteers received 45 minutes of sleep counseling and extended their sleep time by one hour every night. The other group of 21 volunteers did not receive any sleep intervention. Both groups were asked to record their sleep time and nutritional intake within one week. One week later, the statistical results showed that the daily sugar intake of the volunteers who had extended their sleep time was reduced by 10 grams, and other carbohydrate intake was also lower than that of the volunteers who had not extended their sleep time.

Why does lack of sleep lead to obesity? What is the mechanism?

According to the authoritative journal of sleep medicine, one of the main causes of obesity is the insufficient secretion of growth hormone in human body. HGH, for short, is a natural hormone secreted by human body. Its main function is to promote the growth of bone and muscle, as well as the combustion of body fat. HGH is most active at night (11:00 am to 2:00 AM). After the human body goes to sleep, the function of the body will tend to slow down, but the metabolic function will continue, and the energy (calories) accumulated in the body will burn constantly, so as to lose weight.

However, the secretion of hGH will decrease with the increase of age, especially after the age of 30. Therefore, its easy for people to be overweight after middle age, and its more difficult to maintain a beautiful body. Even with more strict eating habits, its still difficult to maintain the ideal weight standard. This is because the younger and healthy people are, the more active their cell metabolism is, of course, the more energy they consume during sleep. With the growth of age, metabolism will slow down, and energy will be surplus. Therefore, after middle age, if you want to keep slim, you need to strengthen exercise and increase metabolism in addition to ensuring adequate sleep.

Lack of sleep will also reduce the level of leptin. Leptin as the name implies is a substance that can make people thin down. After entering the blood circulation, it will participate in the regulation of sugar, fat and energy metabolism, promote the body to reduce food intake, increase energy release, inhibit the synthesis of fat cells, and further reduce weight. People who are injected with leptin will lose their appetite, which plays a crucial role in whether they are fat or not. When the body is short of leptin, people are hard to resist the temptation of high carbohydrate food which is easy to lead to obesity. Studies have shown that people who lack sleep will eat an average of 350 to 500 calories a day, and gain 1 kg in about 20 days. In this way, they will gain nearly 20 kg in a year.

Almost everyone has the experience that if they dont sleep well the night before, they will feel tired the next day. They are too lazy to do anything. They are more reluctant to exercise and exercise. They prefer to have a ge you lie down and their energy consumption will naturally decrease. Insomnia can be manifested as difficulty in falling asleep, or it is easy to wake up in the middle of the night. The latter often subconsciously gets up to eat, and excessive eating leads to excess energy in the body, which eventually leads to obesity.

According to some data, China has become the country with the largest number of obese people in the world. The proportion of adults who are overweight or obese is about one third. Modern medicine believes that obesity itself is a disease, and obesity belongs to the inflammatory response of human body. The most important significance of sleep is to promote metabolism, and insomnia can slow down the metabolism of the body, so that the body can not metabolize chronic inflammatory factors, thus aggravating the accumulation of chronic inflammatory substances. Chronic inflammation is the most important feature of obesity, and they complement each other. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation can cause a variety of diseases, seriously endangering human health, and is recognized as the source of all evils by the medical community.

Adequate sleep, balanced diet and proper exercise are three internationally recognized health standards. If you dont want to be obese, or have a weight-loss plan, its the easiest and most comfortable way to lose weight to establish a good enough sleep habit.

Source: responsible editor of peoples network: Geng Yuanyuan, nj5571