Googles online new crown authoritative information aggregation page responds to the panic caused by false information

 Googles online new crown authoritative information aggregation page responds to the panic caused by false information

According to business insider on March 22, the above-mentioned webpage launched by Google aims to highlight authoritative source information from the front line of anti epidemic, such as CDC, who, etc., to provide data visualization, safety and prevention, anti epidemic work, and aggregation of resource information affecting individuals and enterprises.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in Google on the Internet. As of 12:44 on March 23, 33073 cases have been confirmed and 340 people have died in the United States.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been widely distributed and misled and panic has been caused by the news spread from Fawkes TV to Whatsapp chat in the encrypted chat software.

Google said that now on its search engine platform, the content related to the new crown virus has dominated global search.

As the new coronavirus has become a challenge for more and more communities, and many authorities around the world are developing new measures and tools to cope with this global pandemic, we will continue to look for opportunities to connect people through key information to protect the safety of people, families and communities. Emily Moxley, Googles director of search product management, said in a statement.

According to the verge report on March 21, at present, the above web page only supports English, but a Google spokesman told the verge that the web page will soon support Spanish. In addition, accessibility is also considered in the design of the web page, including the possibility of using the larger font that Google usually uses.

At present, large-scale technology companies in the United States have taken measures to provide support for the epidemic, but the role is limited.

On March 15 a week ago, Verily, a life sciences company and alphabet subsidiary of Google, launched a website to help the bay area build online tools to increase risk screening and testing for high-risk people. Although President trump said at a news conference that the site could help people screen for symptoms, verily later clarified that the site could not be used across the United States, but only for some people in the bay area.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also worked with Microsoft to build a self checking chat robot, but the Wall Street Journal reported on March 19 quoting a medical supplier executive as saying that in fact its just something that helps people reduce anxiety..

The verge commented that many large technology companies are trying to provide support for the new crown, but none of them can solve the biggest problem in the global pandemic, that is, the impending crisis of access to testing and medical infrastructure in the United States.

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