Huawei P40 series will be launched at 9 oclock tonight: do you want to hang the camera on Millet 10 pro?

 Huawei P40 series will be launched at 9 oclock tonight: do you want to hang the camera on Millet 10 pro?

Since Huawei ascendp1 was released in 2012, after nine years of iteration, Huaweis P-Series mobile phones have become the flagship trump card of Huaweis mobile phones. The in-depth cooperation with Leica cameras has gradually established P-Series mobile phones position in the field of mobile phone imaging. For Huawei, there has been a saying that the image of Huaweis P Series image benchmark is deeply rooted in peoples minds. Huawei adopts the dual flagship strategy, and mate series will be available in the second half of the year, so the performance of P series is particularly important for Huawei in the first half of the year.

With the release date approaching, the relevant information about Huawei P40 series on the Internet has become more and more clear. However, before the official release of mobile phones, a lot of information cant be truly accurate, and trivial reports are always looked at, so the author tries to sort out the reliable information related to P40 series of mobile phones and compile it into an article, hoping to take you to know the new products of Huawei P40 series in advance, and see what we can expect.

A more round design of all system pole and all screen of curved surface


Not long ago, digital trends, a famous foreign media, released a picture of Huaweis P40 prototype, which they said would not be the final product. It can be seen from the photos that Huawei and Leica are not printed on the back of the prototype, but polarie and blink. However, this should be a camouflage protection of the engineering machine. We have reason to believe that it is the P40 to be released.

Compared with Huawei p30pro and mate30pro, the four corners of the prototype are more round and smooth, with a thicker body than p30pro. In addition, digital trends also mentioned that the back of Huawei P40 series prototype is also very smooth, and the side of the fuselage also has volume adjustment key and power key, without 3.5mm headphone hole.

Not long after digital trends sent out photos of engineering machines, an open package photo on the Internet gave us a deeper understanding of P40. According to the latest news, Huawei P40 will use 6.1-inch AMOLED perforated screen. Like P30, it does not use curved screen design, without bangs. Its self shot lens is designed to the top left of the screen, which looks like the glory V30 double hole digging screen. As for whether the screen will support high refresh rate, there is no relevant exposure information at present. Will it match Huawei Consider it.


As for p40pro, on March 16, the official Weibo of Huawei terminal revealed the preheating piece of the next generation flagship mobile phone P40. According to the past practice, the preheating piece is often rendered and produced with Pro. According to the preheating chip, the ID of Huawei P40 series uses a lot of curve design, which looks full of artistic sense.

It can be seen that the camera part adopts the green coating process, and there are curve rings around the lens, no accident. P40pro should adopt the matrix multi lens design, and the connection angle between the side screen and the middle frame can probably infer that the product adopts the design of the four curved screen.

And this also coincides with the rendering map that flowed out on the Internet before. I think the credibility of this map is still very high. No surprise, Huawei p40pro should look like this.

According to the report, Huawei P40 Pro will use a 6.58 inch hyperbolic screen, and also use AMOLED punch screen, the frame evolution can not be seen, and the visual effect is very amazing. The matrix camera module is used to design the rear camera module, which is equipped with Leica four camera combination, which is also the main difference with Huawei P40. I dont know if such a design will circle you?

As for color matching, according to evleaks, Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro have six colors: silver, gray, orange (or gold), black, blue and aurora. On the other hand, Huawei p40pro + will provide white or black models.

Continue Kirin 9905g to confirm that there is no Google GMS family bucket

In terms of configuration, winfuture in Germany recently released a detailed configuration table of Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro, which lists the configuration information in great detail.

From the configuration table, we can see that both Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro are equipped with Android 10 system. Instead of the built-in Google GMS family bucket, Huawei mobile service is built-in. It is worth mentioning that this news has been confirmed. In order to break through Googles blockade, Huawei P40 and p40pro will pre install Android 10 and Huaweis own mobile service, Huawei mobile service, or HMS, to replace Googles GMS. This means that for example, Google store, youtube, Gmail mailbox and Google map, the software that foreign users are accustomed to will not be pre installed on Huaweis mobile phones, which is obviously not good news for Huaweis mobile phone overseas market.

In terms of processor, both Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro use Kirin 9905g processor, which has two A76 cores with a maximum frequency of 2.86ghz. In terms of storage, the minimum configuration of Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro is 8GB; in terms of storage, Huawei P40 is 128GB, and Huawei p40pro has two specifications: 128GB or 256gb. In addition, both Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro support the Nm2 memory card developed by Huawei.

Theres nothing to say about the processor. After the verification of several flagship models, it shows that the processor can withstand the test. As for why not use Kirin 1020, the main problem is the production capacity. Previously, according to the information released by the chip master of mobile phone, TSMC has started to stream Kirin 1020, and everything is ready. The verification in Dongguan, Beijing and other places is in good condition Large scale delivery will take place in June.

In terms of screen, Huawei P40 adopts OLED screen with 6.1-inch resolution of 2340 u00d7 1080, while Huawei P40 Pro adopts OLED screen with 6.58-inch resolution of 2640 u00d7 1200, equipped with 90hz screen refresh rate, both of which are dug screen designs. This information is also consistent with the appearance part mentioned earlier, which is still persuasive.

In terms of battery, Huawei P40 has built-in 3800mah battery, and Huawei p40pro has built-in 4200mah battery, with a maximum of 40W wired fast charging. Among them, Huawei p40pro also has graphene heat dissipation, while Huawei has always been proud of wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, which will not be lost naturally. Wireless charging should be aligned with mate30 series, with a maximum support of 25W wireless fast charging. In other aspects, Huawei P40 weighs 175g, while Huawei p40pro weighs 203G.

The best way to kill is to come and dominate DxO

As the killer mace of Huaweis P series, the photo taking part is naturally the biggest selling point of the new series. Before that, Huaweis official microblog had carried out relevant preheating, slogan was full time ultra clear, so as to analyze. This time, p40pro is likely to use multiple high-pixel cameras to cover common focus segments such as ultra wide angle, wide angle and long focus, so as to achieve ultra clear shooting and even ultra clear zoom.

If the main camera wants to have super clear photos, the core upgrade needs to have a large base sensor and a larger single pixel area. At present, the rumor is that Huawei P40 series will adopt a brand-new sensor customized exclusively, and will further realize the significant improvement of sensor and pixel size. What will be the performance of this time? Although no official samples have been released, it can be speculated that the main image of Huawei P40, especially the night scene, is worth looking forward to. From the current ranking of DxO, Huaweis previous dominant position in the flagship model has been subverted by both Xiaomi 10pro and oppofindx2pro. Its not hard to speculate that this time Huawei comes with P40 series, and its expected to kill DxO again.

For specific parameters, from the current information, Huawei P40 post will use a 50 megapixel main camera + 16 megapixel super wide angle + 8 megapixel zoom lens. The main camera is equipped with ryyb sensor and 1 / 1.9 aperture, which supports OIS optical anti shake.

Huawei p40pro post will use 50 million pixel main camera + 40 million pixel ryyb sensor video lens + 12 million pixel super sensing periscope lens + macro lens and tof3d lens, of which the main camera is equipped with ryyb through laser, f / 1.9 aperture; the periscope lens, f / 3.4 aperture, supports 10 times lossless zoom and 50 times digital zoom.

In front of the camera, Huawei P40 and Huawei p40pro both adopt the hole digging design. Huawei P40 has a 32 megapixel single camera and F / 2.2 aperture built in, while Huawei P40 Pro has more IR sensors than Huawei P40, supporting 3D face technology.

It is worth mentioning that on the basis of powerful camera hardware, Huawei will also carry out unique processing in image processing capability, using the customized Huawei XD fusion engine, and the specific performance will be announced when the real machine is released.

More than P40 / p40pro will have three models and multiple customized versions

According to the Convention, Huaweis P-Series mobile phones have always adopted the strategy of two parallel computers in recent years, so the P40 and p40pro models should be firmly established. However, according to @ rodent950, a source of information, Huaweis P40 series will have three models. In addition to P40 and p40pro, there will be another flagship model. It is speculated that it may be named p40propremium edition, that is, a more advanced version than p40pro, similar to the previous naming method of Xiaomis cc9pro exclusive version.

However, there is little information about this exclusive edition on the Internet. If there is such a product, I believe that the difference between p40pro and p40pro should be in image and screen quality.

Compared with the mystery of p40propremium edition, the customized version of the message will be a lot more grounded. When it comes to Huaweis customized mobile phones, the first thing we can think of is the Porsche version. However, the Porsche version has always been exclusive to mate series, and the P series has never had a relevant customized version. If you have expectations about this, then the good news comes. Some time ago, there were propaganda posters flowing out. It is not hard to see from the posters that this time Huawei P40 will also bring a customized version under the joint name of red flag, a domestic representative car company. The red flag co branded version has a brand-new appearance design. The back cover of the body is mainly composed of calm and Atmospheric Black, with the dark red flying dragon pattern. Today, the appearance of smart phones is more and more similar. With a unique and highly recognizable mobile phone, it must be attractive to many people.

Overseas version price increases domestic price or fails to be sold from RMB 3999

Ive said so much, do you really want to know the price of new products? Dont panic. Theres also news. Recently, a Greek media claimed to have obtained information about the pricing of new machines.

According to an exclusive report released by Greek media, Huawei P40 with 128GB storage costs 849 euros (about 6526 yuan), while p40pro with 256gb storage costs 1139 euros (about 8756 yuan), according to unnamed internal sources. In addition, p40lite costs 329 euros (about 2529 yuan), and p40litee costs 199 euros (about 1529 yuan).

According to the past practice, the lite version will not be released directly in the press conference, but will be directly put on the shelves in the channel. At the same time, after entering the domestic market, the so-called Lite will generally be incorporated into the Nova product line, so the price of the two Lite versions can basically be ignored.

In terms of the price of two P40 series, the price of the lowest P40 series is slightly higher than that of last years 799 euros. The reason for the price increase should be mainly due to the rising cost of mobile phone manufacturing and the price rise of the global mobile phone manufacturers environment. However, if the information is accurate, this years P40 series will all be equipped with 8GB of running memory. In this way, if the information is true, the price of P40 series is a little higher Its still reasonable. Even compared with the mobile phones that are easily priced up by 1000 yuan this year, its conscience. The 256gb version of p40pro is only 40 euros higher than the p30pro of the same level last year.

In addition, the news exposed at present is the price of the overseas version. The price of the national bank version is often reduced by about 2000 yuan compared with the overseas version, so its no surprise that this years national bank version of Huawei P40 series should not be expected to start selling at 3999 yuan, and the price should start at more than 4000 yuan. Compared with last year, it will definitely increase, but I believe it will be within a reasonable range According to the report, the domestic conference of Huawei P40 series mobile phones this year will be held on April 8. You can look forward to it.

Source: Netease mobile editor: Han Yibing, nt3945